Something I’ve forgotten to mention about the (which you can read more about on my website, is that you should use the whole broccoli, not just the crown. With the stalks, you can just shave off the outside, then slide or chop it. It’s crunchier than the top, but that’s not a bad thing.

Homemade flour tortilla, cream, Romano and mozzarella, honshimeji mushrooms, rosemary, black pepper. Pizza in five minutes!

Today’s has a touch of bacon to it, again because it was left over from the kids’ breakfast. It’s still a broccoli sandwich primarily.

Ramen noodles stir fried with cabbage, a tiny bit of bacon (left over from the kids’ breakfast), scallion, sambal ikan bilis, and peanuts; plus poached egg. I wanted to use up the 1/2 cup of sambal I sill had in the fridge, which made this single serving punishingly spicy 🥵 Love it, though.

Farinata/cecina—Italian oven pancake made with just chickpea flour, water, olive oil, and salt. Rosemary and black pepper optional. If you make this, crank your oven as high as it’ll go—the batter is very liquid, and it takes a lot of heat to fully dry it out. The result is a crispy/soft pancake with a pleasantly gummy interior, kind of like arancini.

More nasi lemak… I ran out of dried anchovies, but these sardines from the Adriatic Sea subbed in nicely.

A few years ago, we went to a summer party with a potluck. It featured your usual offerings: dips, salads, bowls of fruit, maybe a casserole. Then some hero showed up with a big tray of FRESHLY FRIED CHICKEN. I couldn’t believe the chutzpah. When the hosts got around to grilling hot dogs, I thought, man, just give the fried chicken people the keys to your house. They’ve won. Anyway, since then, I’ve always wanted to pull this off, so this morning wh…

Homemade flour tortillas with buttermilk and bacon fat. When rolling them out, instead of flouring the work surface, I greased it with more bacon fat—it and the rolling pin and my hands. This lets you roll/stretch out a much thinner tortilla. The filling here is roasted broccoli with chorizo spices, salsa verde, sour cream, radish.

Shishito peppers, with olive oil, salt and pepper; Oregon-coast smoked mussels with lemon and hot sauce; garlic-rubbed bread.

Flat wheat noodles, sambal ikan bilis, fried anchovies, scallion, egg; plus sour cucumber salad. Swipe for the messy, post-stir shot.

Made nasi lemak for the office—18 orders, with coconut rice, dried anchovies, cucumbers, home-roasted peanuts, sambal ikan bilis. Dave also made chicken curry and fried eggs, and I did a vegetarian version with fish-free sambal (with fermented soybeans instead), fried shallots, and a kabocha squash curry.

Eggplant katsu sando. Breaded and fried eggplant, shredded cabbage, katsu sauce, mustard, butter, on Taiwan loaf.

Look at this: fried eggplant in mustard-chili oil, salted cabbage, pickles, ranch, pimento cheese flavored Lays chips, on a banh mi roll. I’d give this sandwich a cute title but I fear that uttering its name would bring about doom.

Fried eggplant, garden-tomato marinara, fresh mozzarella, telera roll, olive oil. I have a huge stack of this fried eggplant at home; can’t wait to get through it all.

I bought six English muffins and one head or broccoli yesterday. Thanks to this and my kids’ breakfast and dinner, it’s all gone. Time to re-up.

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