Took me a bit to figure out how to run piscope to see the signals, but got that working, and now to decode the signals...

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Wiring is now functional - powering the pi from the input terminals and a 120V -> 5V converter, and split the RJ45 jack to the control pad and hooked everything up to the pi GPIO.

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Current weekend fun/hack project - controlling hot tub via raspberry pi.

Goal is to be able to schedule to monitor energy usage and save some energy and be able to heat/check temp remotely.

@sigh_d great! Bit of a learning curve since there’s so much more control, but now I can roast ~ 5 12oz bags in an hour instead of ~ 1.5 so that’s very nice 😊

Excited about my new office mate. I have named him Fiddly, the Fiddle Leaf Fig. Look how happy he is gobbling up my CO2 and VOCs 😄

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Well, ran apt update on my Pine Rock64 with Ubuntu installed and borked the whole thing. I guess just for the Pine support I'm a Manjaro/Arch user now 🤷

@Argus depending on your rainfall, you may be surprised how quickly it fills! You can find rough equations for surface area, rainfall => gals. I had a 255gal barrel attached to a 20x10 side of my roof and it would fill in 3 weeks in PDX. Coming from SoCal I was like 😳

@sigh_d yeah, it is but been roasting for a couple years for more and more friends so should pay for itself eventually

@sigh_d it’s an Aillio Bullet! (Huge upgrade from my previous Behmor) You’re local to pdx right? I’ll roast you some if you like 😊

So the Mastodon iOS app is…good so far!
I think having an official app is way less confusing for new people too!

@chris echoes my (limited) experience as well. I love the idea of a linux laptop and practically it consumes time I don’t want to spend. Even less software is available on an arm64 architecture right now.

P.S. a couple typos:

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