My main barrier to is a static ip. My ISP charges ~ $75/mo for it and without it some requests are going to fail until the dynamic DNS updates - and it seems my IP changes often.

For something only I use, that's fine, but not for hosting a community service.

So, I pay DigitalOcean $6/mo until I find a better VPS provider and my mostly idles 🤷

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@jaredmoody centurylink runs fiber to my house and charges $15/mo for static IP (+ $75 initial setup).

Still steep for what it is but much more doable. It's still hard to make the "value" case for self-hosting at that price, though.

@karlkeefer ah, I have centurylink too - I must have read that wrong and the $75 is one-time.

I briefly started looking into tech co-ops providing VPS services. A local company would be cool too.

@jaredmoody There are certainly privacy concerns and other concerns that I don't blame you for, but have you considered Cloudflare Tunnel? That's what I would use if I were to self host something at home. This would allow you to self host even without a public IP (some ISPs in the US use double NAT).

@gurchik that’s interesting, thanks for the suggestion!

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