Explaining Mastodon in a conversation is so much easier than doing it through text on a website. That has never gotten easier. In fact it's gotten harder because now you have to worry about not sounding like a cryptocurrency because the concept of "decentralization" has been co-opted...


@Gargron In my conversations, the federated/decentralized part has been pretty easy: “there are lots of servers that can all talk to each other, like email, and you can run your own if you really want” has worked well. “Like email” is the key phrase, I’ve found.

I’ve had a harder time with the basic function/purpose. Preceding the above with “it’s line Twitter, but” works pretty well, but there’s good reason not to want to start off with that comparison.

@a @Gargron

Yeah I was just gonna say that comparing it to email was the right thing, but you said it first haha.

Any other argument will probably sound alien to non techies

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