I made a thing, it's a code-generated number station podcast:


It has two sources of data: 1) my mysterious corpus 2) you can submit your own message.

Messages are encrypted and read aloud. There's also some music and other random variety. It's weird, but I like it. It's not quite as automated and/or 100% computer-generated as I would like, and I'll probably fiddle with it forever, but here it is!

Someone texted this to me and I thought it was an incredibly apt description of bitcoin

If you're in the Portland, Oregon area and want to migrate off of mastodon.social please DM me for an invite to pdx.social.

boops appreicated

I'm looking forward to "toot" becoming innocuous the way that "tweet" went from silly to invisible.

I did a little writeup on my experience installing Pi-Hole.


If you feel its lacking let me know and I'll revise it!

/cc @mathowie


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