Why does XCode take hours to install. What is it doing.

Ziply fiber starting to update to 2gig and 5gig connections in certain areas.

Suggestions on SUV, requirements: medium dog, 25+ mpg highway fuel economy, can tow up to 4000lb.

Does anybody have any Oregon coast rental property they know of, for this weekend?

If you run an InfluxDB - check your retention and disk space. It will grow out of control at some point.

A client had uploaded a 1.4 MB logo image, that was displayed in a 200x200 area. I just reduced the image size to 130kb. Result = their pages load a lot faster.

16 bit DLLs. Ah, memories. "lh mouse.com" emm386.exe

I reckon you'd get access to all sorts of systems, that send out e-mails.

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I'd like to be the owner of test.com and set up an e-mail handler.

Back to masks required indoors for Multnomah, starting Friday.

A little bit of rain forecast for Thursday. No lightning please.

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