Easter of the Now: Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, "Found God In A Tomato" ttps://youtu.be/_t707pWG7-U

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Luscious Dick Industries now has a new business plan!

Clackamas Town Center security guards dress EXACTLY like state troopers

A helicopter carrying *something* over Sauvie Island. The basket underneath is swinging wildly

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Gettaload of these goofballs who suddenly decided to hang out right outside our door rather than in the marsh on the river's edge

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Sure. Perfectly normal suggestion for an auto repair waiting room.

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nunyall told me the latest Kylie Minogue album was country

I got the notice from Artichoke Music that Tx Trumbo is going to be in Friday playing "spiritual-policical Ozark folk" music and I remember thuis dude when I was in high school and he had an Open Access show where people would call in with the most idiotic questions and he didn't realize how idiotic they were.

(He also ran for office but that was something of a local sport back then - you'd have as many as 40 candidates running for a city rep position, for instance)

watched a bald eagle chase after a seahawk tonight

today was supposed to mean a lot of stuff was done, completed, at least from my point of view, and the day was nothing but stagnant. Frustrating.

The small island here in the river is a city park. Google has somehow marked it as having "customer parking"

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