even moreso I didn't need to read Ishihara's "Season of Violence" earlier today but *shrug emoji*

I sure as hell did not need to read this article about the still-missing Malaysian Airlines flight tonight.


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I found a aecond clipon loupe while out today.

...time to be completely insufferable!

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In the mood to spend the night lounging around with candles lit and a fancy drink, getting random music from radiooooo.com (I recommend it pretty often: map of the world, choose your decade and country, and it pulls up a random song.)

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Mammane Sani et son Orgue - "La Musique Electronique du Niger"

Electronic Music of Niger is not something that was on my radar (what do I know about Niger? The official language is French... that's it) especially not an album from 1978, and this one is equal parts brilliant and "just some guy messing around with a church organ" (Bandcamp review). "Kobon Lerai" and "Bodo" sound like early video game dungeon themes, and "Tunan" is just smooooth but with a bounce


Music of the Now: Man or Astro-man?, "A Simple Text File" youtu.be/o0QHY7S-OtU

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We are in a new Victorian era. But rather than "protecting" the public from sexuality, we are "protected" from complexity

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Cover of the Now: French Horn Rebellion, "Don't You Want Me" youtu.be/S8tGlFyECBg

h e l p

Cover of the Now: Mike Love ft Marky Ramone, "Rockaway Beach (live at the Paramount, NYC 30 May 2019)

Cover of the Now: Papa Mali, "I Walk On Guilded Splinters" youtu.be/-KIscg0L7PA

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