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the small paper engineering experiment worked, and the new method of simplifying application of text also worked.Good night all around.

[super "listen to the words, man" guy voice]
"listen to the words, man"

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Shane Bugbee interviewing Tad Doyle, Peg Doyle, and Dave French (aka Brothers of the Sonic Cloth) about depression and suicide.


there's a lot of stuff I should be doing but I'm doing none of it.

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Shout out to the dude in a suit and cowboy boots and cowboy hat walking his shetland pony down Lombard

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like, if you wanted a page from a book labored over by a scribe a thousand years ago you just drive over to the place they have that UFO festival near the waterpark

swatch internet time is still around and RealPlayer is also still around. Just when you think you understand Internet.

Music of the Now: Morphine, "You Speak My Language" (live, St Andrew's Hall, Detroit, March 7, 1994) youtu.be/Q-Fwuyz0B18

like my mood couldn't be worse tonight what with Ken Nordine's passing and I discover Collective Soul covered Morphine like wtf is going on

Hey Portland
I found out today that one of the larger dealers in illuminated manuscripts in the US is in McMinnville. Huh.

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Poetry of the Now: Ken Nordine (music from Jerry Garcia, Jim Kerwin, David Grisman, Howard Levy, and Joe Craven), "Zodiac Uprising" youtu.be/eO1_EW7YvSk

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