Convo with the wife 

Her: "They were green! Green like my next homestead."
Me: "*Next* homestead? This is a homestead?"
Her: "Yeah. Our homestead. Cuz we're home 'stead of being out there with those foolios."

The heron has just now chased off the seagull. I don't know why

Image description: a grey and white seagull tentatively standing on a log

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It has a hurt leg and someyhing else that keeps it from flying. Probably overheated too, still. You can see how close it let me get.
I feel bad that I can't tell what's wrong but I couldn't help even if I could figure out what was wrong

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I'm concerned that this seagull has heatstroke. Seagulls never land here. Never. The seagull was bobbing in the water for a while and jumped up on here. I don't think it has a wound, but if it is still here by sunset I will investigate.

Buckmxn Journal 006 is now out and I have a few poems within. Buy yourself one of these beauties.

daddy levels are 44% and steady

(44%) ■■■■□□□□□□

Illustrated eyes visible but no ec 

Bookmark from a Portland institution that closed in 2011 (I think) after 40 years. This bookmark shows the "old" address of the store.

I have never been to this store but it is meaningful to me because it is the first time I had heard of a person scanning a book in a bookstore to say "it is $x cheaper online, can you match that price."

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