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Like, I really like this toothpaste, Which is such a strange thing to encounter. I would say it's making things worse for me but heck I enjoy brushing so how bad can it be for me not having flouride if I'm doing everything else better.

Bought new toothpaste and after the second day of pure enjoyment I noticed it has no flouride. How weird.

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PDX friends: Your favorite goblin admin is also a collage artist, and you can check out his work in person on the 23rd! @pizza will be featured in a multimedia artist showcase next Wednesday at the Roseland: rawartists.com/aaronsecrist

dunno how long this will be working but

Puffer is a streaming service at standford that is used to work out streaming algorithms.
THey'lre allowing a few hundred new accounts now to stream bay area ABC, NBC, CBS, Univision, PBS, Fox channels.

The quality is GOOD.


IG post, german language 

Not only does Andorra have a hockey team, but they also have incredible unis

A boat sunk in the adjacent marina.
There is a lot of engine noise from an air pump and a lot of shouting.
Back to Rex in the studio.

I have at least three books here about living on canal boats in the UK and France from the 50s through the 90s.

In case we leave the country.

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Original of the Now: Michael Des Barres & Holly Knight, "Obsession" youtu.be/NK0Y9YOALz4

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