Sobering book excerpt on why we need more transparency about how AI “thinks”. “In the absence of codified humanistic values, what happens when AI is optimized for someone who isn’t anything like you?”

I’m a little bit freaked out by this idea that autonomous pricing algorithms might figure out — by themselves and without specifically being instructed to do so — that if they want the highest profit, they should collude to avoid price wars.

Interesting essay about Netflix’s focus on bringing international ideas to a global audience. “Its algorithms are tuned toward expanding your interests rather than narrowing them.”

This is Tomorrow Records — currently my favorite record store in Portland. Beautiful space, well-curated collection.

Excellent essay on how design can work better for people, services, and cities together, and not simply individuals. This quote sums it up perfectly: “Individually-focused interaction design can produce Uber, but not a good city with Uber in it.”

“Stay Tuned!” by Dominique Fils-Aimé is out today! One of my absolute favorite jazz/vocal artists. Play this one loud. It’s subtle and sparse and deserves all the attention you’ve got.

I really like this description of the “flipped workplace” as a model for productive remote-first companies. In short: productive work should happen outside the office, and the office should be used for connection time and collaboration.

📖 Just finished An Absolutely Remarkable Thing by Hank Green. I don’t know if it just caught me at the right time or what, but it’s been a while since I’ve read a book this entertaining and moving. This one is going to stay with me for a good while.

“In today’s world, for a sick child, going viral can mean the difference between life or death.” How GoFundMe has become the last hope for many Americans.

This essay makes a well-researched argument for why Fortnite is uniquely positioned to be the start of the Metaverse. If you’re like me and haven’t been paying much attention to the game, this is an excellent primer on its history and cultural importance.

“Pharmaceutical and biotech companies and health startups see the opportunity Instagram presents and are increasingly using influencer-advertising as a way to increase their bottom lines.” These stories are awful, and also not unexpected at all.

The real reason behind the rise of helicopter parenting: ”Across countries, the intensity of parenting lines up very closely with economic inequality,” said Doepke. Parents get more intense as a country gets more unequal over time, and grow more permissive if the country gets more equal.

The best way to help kids recognize fake news is to teach them to be fact-checkers: A better approach, according to experts like Hornik, would be to teach kids at a young age the skills of lateral learning, including how to “interrogate information instead of simply consuming it,” “ver...

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