Street Roots does interviews with Portland City Council candidates Jo Ann Hardesty and Loretta Smith on topics such as diversity, housing, homelessness and more.

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Cup of coffee. 3 days of outdoor photos to edit. I think I can do this.

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Lane Wallace’s “Disaster in the Alps” is a solid read. Highly recommend if you do anything in the backcountry.


Oh my giddy aunt, this is exactly how this morning went. Scary, McSweeney’s, scary!

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Heavy downpours! Flooding in the streets! Lightning! Thunder! The end times have arrived!

I wonder if Portland baristas realize that by turning on loud music they raise the volume on everyone and everything causing the kind of noisy environments that people do not want to visit.

I think of this comic often when I read job postings in tech.

What will happen to Portland’s Burnside Bridge in a major earthquake.

Apparently the median home price in Portland is above $400K. So, yeah, never going to afford a house in inner SE or NE.

Early morning Saturday bike rides in PDX are something special. Cooler temps, cleaner air, and so few cars. Far less stressful.

“One major issue that MIT does not take into account is the issue of spent nuclear fuel storage.”

That seems like a pretty big omission.

I cannot emphasize how much more I prefer writing up tasks and specs in a Google doc first and only after that seems solid adding them to JIRA.

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