PSU president resigned, yay! But: Effective Dec. 14th – on paid administrative leave until then. What a fucking grift.

Week 1 of school complete. Went better than I thought it would. I think Calc II might be my favourite class – did not expect that.

back on my bullshit

Baby’s first package theft. Sad reminder that people still suck.

me before college: I want to work at a large Silicon Valley company and shape the future!
me now: I want to retreat from society forever and spend my days in the wilderness practicing witchcraft


Like, I recognize orcas and homelessness are orthogonal concerns. But man, priorities.

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Walking over the I-5 failing st ped bridge today, there were like a dozen or so protesters with banners and megaphones, shouting to traffic about how we need to save the orcas.

Which is fine, I guess, but the west side of that bridge is home to like a dozen or so people who live in tents, and it felt hella weird to see these (mostly) white middle-aged women protesting such a far-away problem when there’s a more urgent, extremely local problem right next to them.

[buying a house]
realtor: ok you gotta hook up gas, water/sewer, garbage, and electricity accounts
me: got it, internet install scheduled.

There is currently AMPLE parking available in the NW.

Terrace House: Aloha State 

3. it's been a long time since I was fluently bilingual (French/English) and watching them switch between Japanese and English, effortlessly, on the fly, is so damn cool.

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Terrace House: Aloha State 

Random thoughts:
1. gosh these kids (some only 18y/o!) have incredible emotional intelligence. There is no drama on the show whatsoever (in a good way).
2. the subtitled translations don't always do a good job of translating?? I'm not an expert by any means but I can occasionally make out a few sentences and the subs sometimes aren't that accurate, which is SUPER surprising.

Spent the weekend at Suttle Lodge down towards Bend. It was super nice.

驫: this 30-stroke kanji is 3 horses and it means... are you ready for it... "many horses"

Thinking 2020 Japan trip: Shikoku Pilgrimage and Tokyo Olympics.

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