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Reminder that nothing is "just the way it is". It's the way we make it.

Having a whole process to determine whether or not somebody is allowed to exist in a different country isn't "just the way it is". Humans did that, and we can undo it.

People starving despite there being enough food isn't "just the way it is". Humans did that, and we can change it.

Your quality of life being determined by how much money you inherited isn't "just the way it is". Humans did that, and we can get rid of it.

Wow. Somebody ported ngIRCd to 16-bit DOS, and it can run on a 4.77 MHz 8088: <>. Of course there is missing functionality, most notably a lack of TLS. Impressive nonetheless.

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This li’l CC0 shell script wrapper on gcap, dos2unix, perl, awk and pandoc take a YouTube-URL or video id and outputs an epub. Only works on videos that have transcripts, obviously. #texts #programs #breadtube

A note for people using services hosted on my infrastructure: I'll be doing maintenance at approximately 04:00 UTC on 2021-07-28. So 21:00 PDT tonight. I'll be adjusting firewall rules. It should take less than 5 minutes, and no interruption of connectivity is expected.

Now that was weird. My GNU Screen session just ... died. Poof. If it printed any messages at death, I lost them due to user stupidity. First time I've seen screen crash in the good part of 2 decades of use. Nothing helpful in dmesg, sadly.

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Made my own very simple archiving system on top of pandoc and readability, as an offiline, CLI alternative to products like Mozilla's Pocket. And with a different ethos: of building a personal library.

It's a very simple script wrapping around readability. Removes all ads, header, nav, footer, etc and saves a clean HTML article (with your choice or default CSS), as well as an epub file and markdown file.

So, investigating YATE a little more: they closed down their mailing list (replaced with a web forum) and switched from IRC to Discord for project support/chat. The barrier to entry is too high. I'm going with Asterisk for my telephony stuff.

I've been looking at YATE ( It looks like a nice little competitor to Asterisk and FreeSwitch. But apparently it doesn't load the default CA certificates when making an SSL connection? I'm working on a patch, and this reminds me just how much I dislike the OpenSSL API.

sex-work capitalism antiwork 

"As a call girl, I pretended I enjoyed it sexually. You have to act as if you had
an orgasm. As a streetwalker, I didn't. I used to lie there with my hands behind
my head and do mathematics equations in my head or memorize the keyboard

It was strictly a transaction. No conversation, no acting, no myth around it, no
romanticism." From the book *Working* by Studs Terkel.

So ... I'm scheduled to get 5 teeth pulled at the end of September. Two of those are wisdom teeth.

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One of the earliest examples of bar jokes is Sumerian (c. 4500–1900 BC), and it features a dog: "A dog walked into a tavern and said, 'I can't see a thing. I'll open this one'." The humor of it is probably related to the Sumer way of life and has been lost, but the words remain.

Looks like I'm going for emergency dental care in the morning. Three of my teeth have been chipped for more than a decade, and one of them just decided to come loose. Plus I have a couple wisdom teeth they'll probably want to take.

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"That reddit-killing distributed self-hosted tool you’re building probably won’t kill reddit, sorry. [...] Make something personal for a dozen people, because that’s the one thing those massive vendors will never do and never even understand that they could do."

- Graham: "My proposal for scaling open source: don’t"

TIL: runit does not accept SIGPWR, so lxc-stop is effectively a no-op for my Void Linux (and other runit-using) containers. Hot fix: chmod 755 /run/runit/stopit in the container's /etc/rc.local, add lxc.signal.halt = SIGCONT to the container config.

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So, let me re-phrase:

Government-run study, involving shortening the work week for government employees proves that productivity can be *gained* by shortening the work week.

Does business jump on that insight and clear opportunity to gain productivity *for free*, thus edging a competitive advantage on the market?

No. This happens only after unions get involved.

"Capitalism efficiently allocates resources" my arse.

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The #XMPP Newsletter for June 2021 is out!

Read this month's XMPP news on #Gajim, #Jackal, #Monal, #UWPX, the XMPP migrate tool and as always the XEP editorial work. Thanks to everyone contributing!

Enjoy reading! 📰 ☕

As an antedote to the yearly "proud to be a Merkin" nationalist wankfest:

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if we build software that doesn't scale, that's okay because our communities are small, and it means the megas can't use it

Looks like I found a typo:

$ file ~/zsnap

zsnap: ZFS shapshot (little-endian machine), version 17, type: ZFS, destination GUID: FFFFFFCC FFFFFF8E FFFFFFA6 FFFFFFEB FFFFFFC9 FFFFFF82 19 33, name: 'zroot/ROOT/void.2021.01.02@saveme'

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