Are there any plausible theories—or informed rumors—about the “XR” name of the new iPhone? (Joke suggestions kindly declined, thank you.)

@neven The only one I keep hearing is 'R is the letter before S'...which doesn't sound like Apple reasoning!

@neven The only thing I can think of is that they looked for letter combinations that looked good together, like luxury car model names and car trim levels that mean nothing. Before Saturn went bust their cars had XE and XR trim levels, for instance.

@neven "XR" makes sense to me as it comes before "XS". The model name tells me that it's better than the iPhone X but not as good as the iPhone XS. I wish Apple luck naming next year's models.

@pantse_macabre @neven "The numerical value of XT in Chaldean Numerology is: 9" 🤔

@pantse_macabre @neven what makes you think the XR is better than the X? Besides a letter?

@cliophate @neven The "R" is surrounded by the rounded square, which traditionally denotes an enhancement.

@pantse_macabre @neven the new small phone will be named the iPhone SEX (or maybe the iPhone SE/30)

@neven my vote is for R < S. I also think they made a huge mistake by putting them in uppercase. It's very hard to remember to pronounce the X as 10 and the S as S when they're the same case.

@emlyn @neven Given that it's XR and XS, I'm a bit surprised they didn't go XT for the Max. Seems a lot simpler.

@neven I sort of blindly assumed the R was for Retina.

@boogah @neven they have like three different retinas though, right? (regular, super, liquid)

I assumed R was one lower than S.

@mathowie @neven Honestly, R being one lower than S is probably what it is. But my brain couldn't process it at the time and went "Uhhhhh... Retina? Works for me!"

@neven I read someone hypothesizing "regular" but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@neven “reduced” was all I could think of. It is a bad name :(

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