What I need in a hotel room:
• Outlets near the bed
• Free WiFi
• No blinking lights at night

What hotels think I need:
• Ice bucket for wine
• Mysterious fingerprints on the wine glass
• Ice pick, blood drying on the sharp tip
• Body of a renowned physics professor in the doorway

@neven last hotel we were at had free wifi, but connection instructions were the default channel on the tv.

as we rarely turn on a hotel tv, this took us 20 minutes to figure out.

@ericbrookfield Same!! All I could get the TV set to do is show white noise, though I could kind of make out a hidden message: INSB MT 4 P

@neven I'll add "pre-folded corners of toilet paper" to the second list.

@neven They also, apparently, think we need to make it clear that people have touched our toilet paper.

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