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Pizza Bianca with roasted-garlic cream sauce, parm and mozz, local chanterelles (!!!), black pepper, herbs. Food is so good

Serious and important plea: any US people here who have ordered medications from Canada, online or by mail/in person? Any pharmacies or resources to recommend? (I'd appreciate replies limited to helpful advice—thanks!)

@neven (I just made a squash soup that ticks every box: smooth, creamy, roasty flavor; spicy with ginger and curry, maple-sweetened. But I still feel like I’m eating baby food or an MRE.)

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I made duck legs (confit + sear) tonight, all euro style, with a green salad and potatoes. The whole time I was eating it, I kept thinking, “oh man if only this had some salsa and raw onion…” The siren call of tacos…

That bittersweet feeling when a spammer leaves a voicemail, and all that gets transcribed is “…talk to one of our representatives to be removed from our call list…”

I’ve been waffling for three years on buying an $80 watch because the price seems ostentatiously high to me.

Not that Amazon needs my advice, but here it is anyway:

Chill out on the Alexa/Fire products, and double down on the Amazon Basics products. It could be their IKEA: obvious, commodity products that sell themselves by being cheap, kinda cute, and coherently designed.

I’m reading a book in which nearly every paragraph has a footnote; worse, an end note. Half of them are just quote or data sources, but the other half are genuinely interesting elaborations. This is mildly infuriating, especially since the book is very long, and also very good.

I created an Instagram account for our new puppy. Two things Instagram did immediately:

1. Suggest that we use Instagram Business Tools on our dog’s account,
2. Suggest that our dog follow Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley.

*Evil scientist, madness in his eyes, caressing with a disfigured hand the cage that holds his monstrous creation*

Is it supposed to sound like a drunken Scottish person saying “my jewelry”?

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@neven "XR" makes sense to me as it comes before "XS". The model name tells me that it's better than the iPhone X but not as good as the iPhone XS. I wish Apple luck naming next year's models.

Are there any plausible theories—or informed rumors—about the “XR” name of the new iPhone? (Joke suggestions kindly declined, thank you.)

Pizza advice I may have mentioned in the past: for a white pie, you can make sauce by whipping heavy cream. It’ll be a good consistency for spreading, and it’ll melt at just the right pace. Salt it, or whip in something like soft roasted garlic, feta, or whatever.

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Last night I cooked with Ryan McLeod, creator of the wonderful Blackbox game. He was in town for XOXO, and when I asked about meeting up, he—bless his heart—said we could maybe cook together? He suggested tacos or pizza, so I said let’s do both. Starts with homemade lap cheong steam buns; potato and chorizo tacos and rajas con crema tacos; then a meatball pan pie and a white mushroom pie; and Golden Beauty melon sorbet.

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Focaccia pizza; half cheese, half pork-ricotta-fennel meatball, Niçoise olives, tomato-braised onion, basil. The cheese is a mix of Parmesan and Monterey Jack, for a real cafeteria feel. The sauce was made from our heirloom tomatoes—that might sound funny since they’re watery and typically used raw, but if you give them a few hours, they reduce to a beautifully sweet, vegetal, summer-tasting orange sauce.

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