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New Feature: If a tweet contains "CW: phrase" then the phrase will be used for a real content warning in Mastodon and removed from the toot content. boosted

@moa_party is a great bridge and makes using mastodon SOOOO much more engaging when you first enter the sphere, would highly recommend anyone moving over from #twitter check it out

If you use Moa and like it please give the project a star on github. I would really appreicate it.

Moa has seen a big increase in users in the last 2 weeks. Its running comfortably on its 5 minute schedule but runtimes are definitely up. Volume is up too because Moa has gained a lot of non-North American users so there are more messages during times that used to be quiet.

Remember if there are any features you want, please file them at github


Some good news: my twitter developer account was approved. This should mean that Moa will continue to work for the forseeable future.

It appears that at least one person has tried to connect Moa to a Pleroma server and it's not working. Moa requests the "read" and "write" permission but the server also grants the "follow" permission and this creates an error. I've filed an issue in the Pleroma project to learn more.

I submitted an application to Twitter to conform to their new developer rules. I have no idea what's going to happen unfortunately but let's hope they approve it!

I just realized that a UI choice I made early on has caused a lot of confusion for users. I thought that not enabling your bridge by default was "friendlier" but really people expect it to work automatically. So, now new bridges are enabled by default. Sorry!!

I'm going to be making a change in the next day or two to avoid losing access to twitter. Apparantly sending user IDs from other platforms to twitter breaks the rules. I'm going to make it a configurable option in the code so you can choose to run your own bridge if you don't like the new behavior.

Welcome new users! If there's a feature you miss from @crossposter please feel free to file an issue at

Yesterday I disabled about 10 accounts that were bridging A LOT of content. It's caused a dramatic drop in traffic. I feel bad that it went on for as long as it did so I'm going to work on some alerting if any high-traffic accounts pop up again.

Apologies to anyone that hit the twitter login problem. It should be fixed now.


There's currently a problem with Moa that may be causing delays. I apologize for the inconvenience and I hope to have the issue fixed later today.

You can now prevent quoted tweets from being posted to Mastodon. Thanks to @ada for the suggestion.

@Eramdam Hi I noticed you deleted and recreated your moa setup. Were you having trouble with it?

@tink Hi, please let me know if you have any questions/suggestions about Moa.

I added Instagram support!

If you log in to there's a button to link your Instagram account. It's read-only so you can choose send to Masto and/or twitter.

If you have problems with it please contact me here or file an issue at

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