🚨 There may be a delay in cross-posting as I migrate the server today.

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(en) Hey folks! We've been noticing that twitter seems to be lightly locking accounts when there's only "automated" access. If you have the crossposter connected to your account, log in the web interface from time to time to avoid this from happening.

(pt) Oi, povo! Notamos que o twitter parece estar travando levemente contas só com acesso "automatizado". Se você tem o crossposter conectado a sua conta, entre na web de tempos em tempos pra evitar o problema.

-- @renatolond

@benni @DerMario If Moa is unable to reach a server it will stop trying to talk to that server for 15 minutes. If it can't talk to a server for 1 day then it disables cross-posting for accounts on that server. Unfortunately I need to do this because unreachable servers create large backlogs.

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