Ya'll can label me anti-feminist, fascist, rape apologist, sexist, MRA, pervert etc but your entitlement doesn't extend to using my *free* service to work against people I care about. Now you'll just have to post your bad takes twice you lazy asses. (2/2)

I waited a few weeks to decide to ban spinster because I thought banning the whole instance was heavy-handed. I thought maybe some of those users aren't pushing anti-trans ideology and don't deserve to be cut off. After I read the admins' anti-trans essays I decided that anyone who hitches their cart to those horses did so consciously. (1/2)

After thinking about it for some time I've decided that I'm blocking users of spinster.xyz from using Moa. I cannot in good conscious contribute to the spread of anti-trans rhetoric any longer.

@beta Can you link me to a toot that didn't crosspost?

@artlogic Strange, the logs dont show any problems. Can you link me to a toot that didn't crosspost?

@Lightnin There have been connections issues with mastodon.social in the last day or so. It's causing quite a few messages to be missed.

@ticky OK, thanks for letting me know. Someone else reported a similar problem.

@DerMische @tobi Aha! Yes you're right, the server wasn't sending the complete certificate chain. It works in some browsers and not in others. It should be fixed now. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

@tobi @DerMische It seems to be working ok. Can you login to moa.party and send me a screen shot of your settings?

🚨 Cross-posting may be delayed today as I migrate Moa to a new server.

@FreiMauR Only self-replies will be cross-posted as long as Moa has seen each message in the reply chain so they can be properly linked.

@ceejbot Looks like one of the worker processes got jammed up. The backlog should clear shortly. I don't currently have a patreon set up for it since it runs on my employers network but that may change someday. πŸ™

A small Moa update: the CW support for tweets is a little more flexible now. If you start your tweet with something like

CW: us pol, mh

Then the corresponding toot will have a real CW with those flags.

If you enjoy discovering new music and you enjoy Mastodon please check out one of my other projects:


The more we use it, the more new music we get to discover. You can't argue with socialism.

Source is at github.com/foozmeat/tusk.rocks

Please send me suggestions



⭐ If you post multiple images to Instagram Moa will now attach the first 4 of them when cross-posting.


Hi all, this twitter account isn't monitored. If you want to get in touch please contact me on Mastodon at pdx.social/@moa_party


⭐ you can disconnect your twitter account if you only want to cross-post between mastodon and Instagram

πŸ› Fixed a bug where a reply is cross-posted but the original message wasn't
πŸ› Fixed a bug in how twitter handles are replaced when cross-posted
πŸ› Mastodon profile links are no longer mangled when they're cross-posted
πŸ› Long quote-tweets are no longer mangled when cross-posted

There are more fixes and improvements on the way.

Feel free to add more here github.com/foozmeat/moa/issues

@offby1 Ok, yeah the problem was that your text pushed the whole message length over 500 chars and my shortening routine wasn't using the right format for quoted tweets. That fix will roll out in the next couple of days.

@offby1 Interesting, I can repro the problem if I quote tweet with your exact text.

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