@benni @DerMario If Moa is unable to reach a server it will stop trying to talk to that server for 15 minutes. If it can't talk to a server for 1 day then it disables cross-posting for accounts on that server. Unfortunately I need to do this because unreachable servers create large backlogs.

@DerMario Would you mind logging in and making sure that cross-posting is still enabled on your account?

@xuv yes, that’s correct. Far more messages move from Twitter to Mastodon.

@filippodb yes you’re right about bot accounts. What if they were exempt from the policy? I understand your attitude about services being neutral but the service isnt a person. I’m *not* neutral on the subject as I’m not neutral on banning gab and terfs from using it. I can’t provide a service that I feel might be doing harm.

Since I created Moa I’ve struggled with the idea of supporting absentee fediverse users. I’m considering changing things so that you’ve got to post to your masto account every so often to keep the account active. Maybe track last toot and tweet dates and if they get too far apart then disable. This would prevent punishing legit infrequent posters.

@penartur @BalooUriza there’s one other cross posting service @crossposter but I don’t know what their throughput is. Maybe they could provide some stats as well?

@penartur @BalooUriza I suspect there are many accounts which just don't post that often.

@a so you try to log in to Moa with that account and the server bounces you out? I might have to remove it manually. Can you DM me the account name?

@BalooUriza The graph is the number of messages per hour over the last week.

I set up a Liberapay page to support Moa. If you use it (especially for commercial purposes) please consider donating. 🙏


Two changes:

1) I expanded the conditional crossposting options a bit. You can choose to always post unless “” or “” are present. Or, choose to never crosspost unless “” or “” are present

2) Twitter handles come into the fediverse with a @twitter.activitypub.actor server which makes them work as Activity Pub actors with psuedo-profiles.

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