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New Feature:

If an image is marked as sensitive in a toot you can choose to link to your toot over on twitter instead of sending the image across.

Last night I added a deferral function to cause a host to be skipped for 10 minutes if a worker gets a connection error. So far it's been working really well. The ongoing connection problems with aren't causing big delays like they normally would.

I added a new graph to show the ratio of message types.

I added 3 more workers to split up the queue and then stopped responding causing the workers to hit their time limits ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I'm going to add a feature to put a server in the penalty box if it responds with an error or timeout. All other accounts at that server will be skipped until a time limit is reached. Maybe 10 minutes?

I added queue splitting to keep the worker run times under control.

Moa can now properly paginate tweets created from long toots! 🎺

Moa has seen a big increase in users in the last 2 weeks. Its running comfortably on its 5 minute schedule but runtimes are definitely up. Volume is up too because Moa has gained a lot of non-North American users so there are more messages during times that used to be quiet.

Remember if there are any features you want, please file them at github


Yesterday I disabled about 10 accounts that were bridging A LOT of content. It's caused a dramatic drop in traffic. I feel bad that it went on for as long as it did so I'm going to work on some alerting if any high-traffic accounts pop up again.

If you *only* want to cross-post RTs or Boosts you can uncheck the normal posting options and just select RTs and/or Boosts.

Alright, some new stuff coming at ya:

You can now have your tweets get tooted behind a CW. Turns out some people on mastodon don't want to see birdsite stuff. is a server for folks who live in the Portland, OR region. Registration is by invitation only and you can receive an invitation by contacting a member or emailing You must abide by our Code of Conduct.

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