Since I created Moa I’ve struggled with the idea of supporting absentee fediverse users. I’m considering changing things so that you’ve got to post to your masto account every so often to keep the account active. Maybe track last toot and tweet dates and if they get too far apart then disable. This would prevent punishing legit infrequent posters.

@moa_party this will stop a lot of legit bot account to work and a lot of good content to disappear. Mastodon allow the creation of bots in the instance, so it’s a legit use, why block it? If you Let them stop working it’ll be a big problem with smaller instances with few active tooters. I believe it’s up to admin to decide to block bot accounts with little interaction and a service like moa should be neutral on this decisions.

@filippodb yes you’re right about bot accounts. What if they were exempt from the policy? I understand your attitude about services being neutral but the service isnt a person. I’m *not* neutral on the subject as I’m not neutral on banning gab and terfs from using it. I can’t provide a service that I feel might be doing harm.

@moa_party I think it's the instance admin to decide if a bot is dangerous or helpful, recently @Gargron warned all users that where abusing autoposting, I also contact all users that I see they're crossposting/autoposting to see if they are checking mastodon.
IMO autoposting is very useful on small instances to have more "life", it's less useful on huge instances, sometimes they can overshadow the real toots
but it's the admin to decide if and when allow autoposting.

@moa_party maybe you should ask the instance admins if they want to limit your service.
Or maybe let the admins contact you if they think MOA.PARTY is doing harm to their instance.

@matrixsasuke @moa_party Not true for Moa sadly. For every account with bridging enabled it queries both the mastodon server and twitter for new messages which takes a few seconds. Moa serves about 1300 accounts right now so that cost can be meaningful.

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