@BalooUriza The graph is the number of messages per hour over the last week.

@moa_party @BalooUriza Didn't expect it would be so low, at ~2k messages per day over the entire Moa...

@penartur @BalooUriza I suspect there are many accounts which just don't post that often.

@moa_party @BalooUriza I was thinking more about total activity across fediverse. According to instances.social, it looks like there is around 200M statuses in total, which probably means 0.5-1M per day. I didn't expect only one in 200-500 statuses is crossposted (I thought it would be much more).

@penartur @BalooUriza there’s one other cross posting service @crossposter but I don’t know what their throughput is. Maybe they could provide some stats as well?

@moa_party Honestly I'm not entirely on board with crossposters mostly because they tend to encourage folks to be write-only here.

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