I waited a few weeks to decide to ban spinster because I thought banning the whole instance was heavy-handed. I thought maybe some of those users aren't pushing anti-trans ideology and don't deserve to be cut off. After I read the admins' anti-trans essays I decided that anyone who hitches their cart to those horses did so consciously. (1/2)

Ya'll can label me anti-feminist, fascist, rape apologist, sexist, MRA, pervert etc but your entitlement doesn't extend to using my *free* service to work against people I care about. Now you'll just have to post your bad takes twice you lazy asses. (2/2)

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@moa_party When you build open source infrastructure and you discriminate against some users, you don't help trans people you help corporations.

We're not anti-trans, we're pro-woman. And we would NEVER in a million years restrict one of our services to trans people. That's the difference.

Spinster is open to everyone who wants to join, including trans people. It does not discriminate. Unlike you @moa_party

@moa_party that's fine, just means we'll have to collectively build our own systems independently of everyone else. We'll survive and continue to thrive.

@moa_party At least you've just admitted, whether you realise it or not, that you are anti-woman, anti-feminist, fascist, rape apologist, sexist, MRA, etc, etc, etc, and you just don't care because you just don't give two shits about women since they, apparently, don't appear in your list of people you "care about". Enjoy your dick swinging echo chamber.

Don't blame you. I'm only here to watch, I don't really agree with most of the shit I see.

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