After thinking about it for some time I've decided that I'm blocking users of from using Moa. I cannot in good conscious contribute to the spread of anti-trans rhetoric any longer.

@moa_party I never heard of you before so won't miss you, but your refusal to recognize the harm trans natal males are doing to women is pretty telling. Buh bye.

@moa_party Hi. I'm a transsexual. I'm on Spinster. "Transgender" is insane bullshit and not the transsexuals many people have come to accept. Deplatforming helps no one but fascists.

No idea who you are, other than that you’re a fascist-leaning supporter of misogyny and that you don’t value free speech rights. Realize that when you work to destroy other’ free speech rights, you are also working to destroy your own.


Its pro women you sexist spanker and you aint stopping shit.

Spoken like a true incel. You can't support a site that prevents women from being abused. @moa_party

Never heard of you so won't be missing anything, byeeeeeee


@moa_party Oh dear. Women's rights aren't anti-trans, buddy. You need a better understanding of human rights and social justice. It's not just penis people who need protections. But, you know that, don't you? That's why you like isolating and silencing women. It suits your world order to have it that way.

Why do you think over 3000 women are so so wrong? Why don’t you care that these women feel so Unlistened to they had to go and make their own space? Away from men? Away from men like you who accuse us of being bigots before you’ve listened to why we feel this way? Do you really think you’re being the good guy here? I think you really need to talk to more women outside of your circle... @moa_party

Maybe have a look at women’s place uk to separate the facts from the hysteria


"In good 'conscious'[sic]..."

Well it's fitting you didn't correctly say "conscience," because you clearly don't have one.

Otherwise you'd not be so keen to silence women.


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