I share this sentiment. My morning commute is almost never free of at least one close call with a car, and it’s only 3 miles (5km) long.

If you appreciate me, please appreciate all cyclists. Pass with more space and caution than you think is due.

Clipped by a car mirror today in broad daylight on a multi lane boulevard and escaped with a minor wipeout and knee scrape. Could have been much worse. t.co/…

@offby1 Oh <censored>, that sucks.

I only cycle, and have my local favorite roads - and more than a few anti-favorites due to issues with the space cyclists are expected to occupy: like where asphalt merrily bulges over the curb/gutter concrete, rendering it utterly unsafe for any two-wheeled driving.

@OldBrushNewPaper @moa_party isn't doing RT/quote separation very well right now; ❡2 and 3 are not me, they're the tweet I RT'd.

But yeah, it sucks.

@moa_party it's weird. Most quote-rts do the right thing. Sometimes though... Maybe it's the media link?

@offby1 Can you send me the link to your tweet? I just tested a similar quote-rt and it worked ok.

@offby1 Interesting, I can repro the problem if I quote tweet with your exact text.

@moa_party I'm gonna file that under "Good news" since reproducible bugs are the best bugs :)


@offby1 Ok, yeah the problem was that your text pushed the whole message length over 500 chars and my shortening routine wasn't using the right format for quoted tweets. That fix will roll out in the next couple of days.

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