One of the great things about growing up is having the tools and experience to meaningfully process trauma and habits, even if it takes time to really work through those issues.

Really thankful to have good people around me.

Suffering a bit.

Wait, did I find a place to vaguebook again? LOL

A perfect evening is hanging out, playing a game with the right person...not even necessarily together. Just watching, or playing, or whatever. Spending the time together. Feeling safety in the space. Creating new memories together.

When it hits, it hits

Feeling all kinds of miserable today, feels like the first time I've taken a "sick" day in a long time

("sick" because obviously I'm still working, ha)

I'd like to sleep for the next 24 hours, please. Maybe 48 if possible?

It's wild how time flies...I didn't even realize how long it's been since I've posted here. Still, it feels a million times better to be here than Twitter, and I think I want to try to find a habit in this.

I'm trying to figure out exactly what makes me feel more comfortable here rather than on Twitter. The smaller audience probably helps, but I think it's likely also the larger odds of good faith in interactions on the whole?

Between the local and federated spaces, it still just feels...better to post here. Even a statement like this that might not mean that much. In contrast, Bird Site posts somehow always feel like part of an eternal resume.

Okay, so I got the Ultimate Hacking v2 and I have to say this thing is kinda changing my life, lol. As someone who LOVES keyboard shortcuts, there's some great mods on this thing.

The best part so far: the Caps Lock key is replaced with a "Mouse" button, and holding that key changes the functions so that IJKL move the mouse pointer and SDF are R/M/L click. Basically never have to leave the home row.

There's even special key combos to switch browser tabs, windows... so good.

It's strange: I woke up and actually WANTED to post here (I'd say "toot," but that just feels weird).

It's an experience I haven't had on Twitter in....a really, really long time.

Well folks, it's good to be here. And 500 characters you say? This feels much power.

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