I'm trying to figure out exactly what makes me feel more comfortable here rather than on Twitter. The smaller audience probably helps, but I think it's likely also the larger odds of good faith in interactions on the whole?

Between the local and federated spaces, it still just feels...better to post here. Even a statement like this that might not mean that much. In contrast, Bird Site posts somehow always feel like part of an eternal resume.

Okay, so I got the Ultimate Hacking v2 and I have to say this thing is kinda changing my life, lol. As someone who LOVES keyboard shortcuts, there's some great mods on this thing.

The best part so far: the Caps Lock key is replaced with a "Mouse" button, and holding that key changes the functions so that IJKL move the mouse pointer and SDF are R/M/L click. Basically never have to leave the home row.

There's even special key combos to switch browser tabs, windows... so good.

It's strange: I woke up and actually WANTED to post here (I'd say "toot," but that just feels weird).

It's an experience I haven't had on Twitter in....a really, really long time.

Well folks, it's good to be here. And 500 characters you say? This feels like...so much power.

Thanks a ton to @foozmeat for the invite! And even though so much of the world is hell and on fire, I'm still thankful to find small communities to take stock in.


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