Had I realized that was the official finish line I would have been way more “yayyyyyy” about it in the photo haha

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Achievement unlocked: stand in one country and urinate into another

I have tendinitis in several places in my lower left leg. Pretty sure my walk is over :(


Scanned a random QR code on the side of the trail and got this. No regrets

Neighbors at the campground have this SUPER ADORABLE tiny caravan with a pop up roof. They say it’s about 25 years old but it’s in amazing condition.

I want it so bad.

Also, Achievement unlocked:

- cross an international border on foot

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Watching boats cruise by on the Rhine. Life could be worse.

I was expecting more fanfare. In the US, state borders have huge signs saying “welcome to <state>”. Here there’s barely any indication you’ve changed countries.

Quality human being commented on one of my streams asking why I wear nail polish as a man. Another comment from same person says to take my nail polish off it’s disgusting as a man.

And that’s why I wear nail polish.

I just got a package I ordered last night around 10pm delivered to my tent.

The future is kinda great.

There have also of course been a number of friendly cats along the trail. Many more who were clearly rarm cats and tried to hide from me in tall grass and such and were immune to my charms, but a good number of friendly critters too!

A lot of the campgrounds here have free roaming chickens. Here are a couple I’ve met so far.

The silly number of routes everywhere in this country means way finding signs on backroads often look like this, with multiple routes having their own entire installations at times.

Cool observation tower along the Pieterpad 🇵🇱

Before a few years ago this would not have been possible for me to go up. My fear of heights is quite a bit better than it was.

Walk 23km and Siri is all like “low cardio fitness try exercising more”

In other news I tried to charge my watch again and it worked this time so until it totally bites it I’ll be tracking my walks with my watch!

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