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WHOA Seven and Raffi?!

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I have a feeling the *protocol* specs might allow for it, but mastodon proper wouldn’t be a fan. Still digging into things.

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Earlier I was poking around various docs and it seems like there might already be support for web based redirecting? docs.joinmastodon.org/spec/web

I will experiment with this to see if it means I can change the underlying mastodon instance. However, there’s then the problem of my own published posts coming “from” the wrong account. Like if I follow someone from this account it will be from @kitchen but you might know me as an entirely different account because of my webfinger redirect.


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meaty food 

I bought these salmon plates years ago thinking they would be perfect for corn on the cob and they are. Now I need to have people over to share them with!

Just told my 81 year old foster dad to go see everything everywhere all at once. Wonder what he’ll make of … the scene.

That scene where the one guy does the thing with the thing. I WAS DYING

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Everything Everywhere All At Once is so SO good.

If I change servers or the server I’m on shuts down or decides to go a direction I don’t like or bans me or or or or or or or

I just change the header, or the dns entry, and off I go.

I’m sure someone is gonna say “mastodon isn’t Twitter” and you’re right. But I think the problem still could use some thought.

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Big problem with mastodon of course is it’s someone else’s server unless you want all the complexity and tbh hell of running and maintaining your own.

If I could throw a link in the header of my homepage then I could just be @kitchen.io and that link would ref to my mastodon account

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I feel like something mastodon needs is a way to separate a user’s canonical name from where their instance is. Like an email address, I can host my mail myself or a number of different places, but the email address is always mine (assuming I own the domain)

Maybe a way using dns or html headers or something similar to how openid used to do federated identity?

The dns bit is pretty opaque to most people, sure, but I could see a domain registrar/dns host adding simple mastodon identity setup…

Total Recall was also Severance way before Severance

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Don't think I ever did an #introduction post, so I may as well get to it now, right?

Name's Jason. He/him. I live in #Bakersfield, CA with my wife Sarah and a pack of small dogs.

I like films, #WordPress, consuming and creating podcasts, #Simpsons memes, #WebPerf, and democratic socialism.


Total Recall is totally unrealistic. They would do immigration and customs checks before the flight departs Earth, not once they land. Imagine getting all the way there and immigration is like “yea, landing denied” … and then you gotta go home.


I am Kitchen, I live just off Hawthorne in southeast!

I have cats. I like riding bikes. I dabble in backpacking (looking to do the Camino de Santiago starting in a few weeks).

Am currently on hiatus from a career in tech as an infrastructure engineer.

I build computer keyboards and talk on radios (K1CHN)

Hi! I'm Jeremy. I live in Portland. I have 2 cats. I ride bikes. I go backpacking (ask me about my NZ trip). I wander around the city and take pictures of cats. I like coffee. I love food. Estoy aprendiendo español.

I really dig that WTFPL is officially recognized on Github and they have a little banner at the top of LICENSE file if it is WTFPL <3

Just a note for potential new followers. This account will mostly be pictures of cats. Some of them mine. Some of them cats I find around town / around the world.

In fact, this account will just mostly be pictures. Of interesting things, scenic vistas, cats, signs, whatever.

Hooray, I'm on Mastodon, now. Here's a picture of my cats, as is appropriate.


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