why is getting multiline env vars into a paas config so hard?

i had to base64 encode, set, deploy, read, decode 🤮

what if i want focus follows mouse, select to copy, and middle click to paste?

@zenhob before i look it up just have to mention the dissonance of immediately thinking, “wait… gotomeeting federated???” 😂

as a tech at a “computer shop” in the mid 90s, saw a lot of shit on people’s hard drives that they’d bring in for us to fix. this is a well known story. however, “luke duke” used to bring in his and damn thing was spotless

@zenhob i seen a few irl but also i worked at mcafee in the late 90s soooo

my interest in has been somewhat rekindled and i’ve checked out an based system called “bonfire” but am wondering - i use mastodon already and just want POSSE i think. i dunno… any suggestions out there?

they actually made tiny cd singles that fit in this inner section. discmans didn't need it cause of the snappy spinner center, and slot loaders simply couldn't deal 😂

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and cd singles... holy crap i totally remember when i finally figured out what that inner circle was for in the cd tray

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the thing about spotify is one can totally binge on a single, particular song. contrast this with my being excited back when cassette decks had the fast-forward-to-next-empty-space feature.

yeah singles existed in both vinyl and cassette format, but cmon who actually bought those

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music taste 

you listen to "call me maybe" once, maybe twice and...

ok i also like "cut to the feeling"

i may have listened to that one quite a bit actually

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this... 👆🏽didn't work out. too many chords for common programming chars 🤷🏽‍♂️

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8 year old me thought it was HILARIOUS to hex edit the file and change strings

I've got an keyboard on the way. I'm so used to CTRL being to the left of A, I'm wondering if anyone else has similar muscle memory and tried one?

Intel CrashLog recorded due to unexpected reset


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