I've got an keyboard on the way. I'm so used to CTRL being to the left of A, I'm wondering if anyone else has similar muscle memory and tried one?

Intel CrashLog recorded due to unexpected reset


TIL - add '-t' and 'tmux a' to my ssh cmd to one step attach (how did i not know this ay 🤦🏽‍♂️)

great time to revisit this amazing game, ported to all modern platforms *PARTIES* don't bother with that bullshit stardock remake

least heeded warning in the world:

"WARNING: apt does not have a stable CLI interface. Use with caution in scripts."

@ioquatix hey there - noticed you on a newrelic/rpm issue, and after poking through a bit was curious - are you and jeremy evans part of rack-core now?

another PR accepted, this time on the geo (json) side of things! 🙇🏽‍♂️ github.com/bryanjos/geo/pull/1

sometimes you just want a quick server...

ruby -rsinatra -e 'set :static => true, :public_folder => "./dist", :port => 31337'

do i know anyone who wants a working SGI O2? kb/mouse, webcam, IRIX 6.5 installed, cd, ethernet...

some roundcube update along the way added a new theme: elastic - i'm so used to the old one, i keep thinking my domain expired or something. looks/works good though!

never would have guessed this would happen, but i actually asked for it and now i manage IT as well as Engineering. celebrating by pushing back on confluence 😂👴🏽

i made a vue front end - i don't know webpack, babel, jest, or even vue really, but i went through and only added what was necessary; and lo, it worketh

this morning started with getting a PR accepted to plug… nothing fancy, mind you; but, a rad way to start the day!

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