this morning started with getting a PR accepted to plug… nothing fancy, mind you; but, a rad way to start the day!

looking at arangodb closer, and liking a lot of what i see: graphs, docstore, some geospatial, c++ core... any thoughts/experience?

in one way, i like the challenge-age-old-assumptions aspect of the systemd world, but on the other hand what the fuck

i don't think of myself as a curmudgeon, but i do run openrc on gentoo

made a successful business argument this weekend, using Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 as the basis, so

we've got a new genotype report! 🌱📊 extremely proud of my team for shipping these updates, with support from just about everyone in the company 🙇🏽‍♂️👏🏽

makes me think back to that one rails 1-ish video with the dudes with actual freakin jars

containerizing a rails 4.2 / ruby 2.3 app in september 2019 is fun not fun

ran into this today, latest alpine images musl lib causes elixir/erlang to error out. building from alpine:3.9 works for now.

update: it works, but you have to resolve names to actual IPs first, COMPLETELY UNLIKE single nameserver behavior and not in the docs

i'm over it - multiple nameservers just plain doesn't work, this might be the first time i switch to elixir for quick scripting

i really didn't want to have to dig into lib/resolv.rb this morning

i've (almost purposefully? 🤔) got a giant gap in my knowledge about string encoding. would a kind soul help me understand this?

>> s
=> ";"

>> s.class
=> String

>> s.encoding
=> #<Encoding:UTF-8>

>> s.bytes
=> [239, 187, 191, 59]

tried to test this with const x = 1/0 but sigh joke's on me

declare & assign a const in js, and if the value side fails/exceptions, the const is still declared and is now completely unusable

before geoloqi got bought by esri, i didn't know what GIS was; i think i've needed some form of it at *every* job i've had since

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