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How many lives we live
Poised between all heaven and earth
How many times we die
Trying for rebirth with a different mask
No matter where we go
Souls adrift never say goodbye

Finally all boxes unpacked and just a couple of boxes that need to go get stored in the attic.

SDR'ng. Listening to NOAA weather radio on an SDRPlay2 Pro

Looking forward to this, tonight. From the old neighborhood, literally

Stallman should have resigned a long time ago. But his defense of Epstein is just beyond the pale.

Taking a break from social media for a bit. Too fatiguing at this time

My 10 yo, Maddie, contemplating a question I asked.

It is pouring rain outside, and I have to take these two for a walk.

If this is called love
Then I’d rather walk free
Away from every human
Who chooses to stay

If this is called an outlaw
Then I’d rather flee
Lonely, cold and afraid of the dark
And wonder what I’ve done

Here is the YouTube version so if you do not have Apple Music.

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One of my favorite songs from T.i.d. (Which is the alter-ego of the Magna Carta Cartel [MCC]

If you are a Linux kernel/driver/networking person, live in the Boston/Southern New Hampshire area, and want to work on cool edge appliances, hit me up. C,C++, required, Go a plus.

Linux Device trees is an awful hack. Maybe if they had a proper HAL, you would not need the stupid thing.

27 years ago, a high school radio station in Bellevue. Washington played this tune. I was hooked on the band and the composer.

Porcupine Tree - Fade Away.

Tonight's jam: I love this band, and this song and this video. Matt, Kevin and crew are awesome.

Finally built the new work surface. Happy. Need to get. a small riser for the test equipment

Supposed to hit 112F today. I am in hell

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