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How many lives we live
Poised between all heaven and earth
How many times we die
Trying for rebirth with a different mask
No matter where we go
Souls adrift never say goodbye

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The problem with your code is that it's doing exactly what you told it to do.

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PSA: You should get all your music on Bandcamp if possible. High-quality, DRM-free downloads, where a purchase is actually a purchase, and in unless something is truly off (actual scam), your money is going to reach the artist more or less directly.

I will be doing a lot of entertaining this fall and winter. This cooktop is going to be used a lot. Man, I love to cook

Side effect of having professional packers: when on the other side, you realize they killed trees. Thank goodness my town has a good ♻️ program.

New Raspberry Pi4, with 4 Cortex-A72 cores. This one has 4GB if memory. Since bootstrapping is done different, booting of USB is not supported yet, but when updated, should be able to boot off a USB3.x drive.

New office/lab. Need to get a real table instead of the folding one, and short bookcases/storage for the right side.

I think they used a wee too much packing paper.

And the recycle center and I are becoming best friends

My favorite song by Ghost played in my favorite era, when we were all friends.


‪Bed in master all made up. Sectional in great room setup. Now opened a good Cotes du Rhône and sipping relaxing. 13 days on camping chairs was a little too much. Now, the unpacking begins...‬

The washing machine in my new house sounds like jet engine when it is in spin cycle. A really loud jet engine.

My late, good friend composed and provided the lyrics, as well as vocals and bass.

The lyrics describe my situation at the time, even though it was not composed for me, but it is so apropos for the time.

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Staring at ceilings
The childhood is back
Glowing and woundrous
The shapes from the blackness
Onwards and upwards a human deceit when we build and destroy just the same

We are under stars
Skywards we roam
Until this ancient engine carries us home

Staring through lenses
You never look back
The shapes in the twilight
Amazement attacks you
Onwards and upwards no sense of regret when we take and we take and we take

We are under stars
Skywards alone
Always ascending and dreaming of home

So, when all my household stuff arrives and is in-packed, organized, I will be using their space for preparing great meals for@friends and family

My girls love their new blanket. They feel I have done well, and rewarded me by allowing me to rub their tummies.

So the office manager supplied these in the coffee room. I guess I will need to run in the AM to compensate for the shortbread. 🤣

The BMW and the Willys Overland made it here today, in separate transports.

To get the Willys off the truck, he had to remove this first. I would keep this in exchange for the Willys. (Right off the boat from England)

First day in a new home, town and state (well, I lived in this town 27 years ago). Pups took the cross country flight in their airline crates as a "whatevs". Although the kept me up half the night wondering where their normal bed was (on a moving truck). Today, get gigbit fiber installed and get all the things up on WiFi. Tomorrow, first full day in office as a local, instead of the usual fly in

My old girl knows something is afoot, so she has been by my side for 2 days. She has moved 3 times before, and like all dogs, change can be stressful. But she is getting lots of loves and snuggles. Tomorrow, she and Maddie, my other Schnoodle, will head to 3 days of partying, then I'll pick them up, head to airport and fly east to our new home.

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