The Lighthouse blew me the fuck away. Incredible.

These are some cool web interfaces you can use with your Mastodon account :mastodon:

Halcyon ( :twitter: like)

Cuckoo Plus ( :google: like)

Pinafore (simple)

You can just login with your #Mastodon or other #fediverse account. (

Have fun :mastodance: :stux:

kink joke 

getting really into full body latex suits and gas masks so i can fuck during quarantine

You have two wolves inside you. You should probably see someone about that.

Is there anything better than hearing Perfume Genius in The Good Doctor?


How is religious exemption still a thing? How is it even legal anymore?

Might fuck around and develop a structure to create meaning from nothing

presidents just love death. they can't get enough

This is and will continue to be the funniest fucking thing to me

« Pre­vent­ing the ex­tinc­tion of whales re­quired the sup­pres­sion of whal­ing, not per se the de­vel­op­ment of sub­sti­tutes for whale prod­ucts. Like­wise, it is likely the case that tran­si­tion­ing to a car­bon-free econ­omy will not be ac­com­plished by tech­no­log­i­cal de­vel­op­ments alone. Rather, it may re­quire ac­tive sup­pres­sion of fos­sil fuel use, such as by re­strict­ing the amount of fos­sil fuel that can be ex­tracted. »

Honestly human brains are the worst to run on. And by run on I mean run angel software on human wetware, like who's fucking idea was this, it doesn't work half the time goddamn it.

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