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ooo a new follow....wait it's a conspiracy theory account. BALEETED

Checked out ebook novella from library. It's only available in DRM epub, and I have an old kindle paperwhite. Spent an hour figuring out how to download/install Adobe Digital Editions, then get the epub, then install Calibre and DRM removal plugin, convert to mobi, and then send to kindle.

Finished the novella in under an hour and returned to library 😒

Next hardware/code project is hooking up a Pi to hot tub (that I got for free! - PDX Buy Nothing community is awesome). Has an old Balboa spa control board with an RJ12 jack connecting to control panel. Going to try and split that and hook it up to Pi and then link that to . Ordered a 6P6C splitter, cable, breakout and now the waiting begins.

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My every day carry? The love of my fellow man, carried in my heart.

Project #2 is underway today - a mini workbench for roasting coffee

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Nobody would call this fine woodworking, but these steps were the first thing I ever tried to build out of wood, and completing them was satisfying 😊

Since re-instating the pi-hole on my network, caught several devices phoning home and added them to the block list 😤

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Now, not even close feature complete so not a fair comparison, but my client payload is 50KB vs 7 MB on

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In the early stages of working on a streaming app. Looks like 💩, but very close to being usable for me.

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Announcing: The Ruby on Rails Performance Apocrypha. A book that introduces performance engineering, frontend and Ruby perf, and scaling. It's available now for just $10 on Gumroad, DRM-free:

Loading web interface home takes 12.1s, makes 181 requests and transfers 7 MB. every. refresh. 😱

Is there a good music server out there with desktop and mobile apps? Best I've seen is Jellyfin.

So you *can* see local/federated timelines in Toot! - tapping the bottom right “button” gets you to local and then drop down in the top middle lets you toggle to federated.

Horribly unclear UI, but now I know 🤷🏼‍♂️

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