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My every day carry? The love of my fellow man, carried in my heart.

Project #2 is underway today - a mini workbench for roasting coffee

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Nobody would call this fine woodworking, but these steps were the first thing I ever tried to build out of wood, and completing them was satisfying 😊

Since re-instating the pi-hole on my network, caught several devices phoning home and added them to the block list 😤

@sigh_d ah, running the blower would be most of the power draw. Probably possible, but I bet you would need a pretty big battery.

@sigh_d I was thinking about this in the cold as well 😆

@sigh_d oh if you’re in PDX has lots of printers, maybe you could get it printed there and not have to ship it

@sigh_d I’ve ordered one-offs multiple times, I don’t print enough to justify a printer either.

It’s a marketplace to connect people who have printers with jobs so YMMV but I’ve had good results

@sigh_d You might see if there’s a local maker space that will print for you, otherwise I’ve had good results ordering prints on

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Now, not even close feature complete so not a fair comparison, but my client payload is 50KB vs 7 MB on

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In the early stages of working on a streaming app. Looks like 💩, but very close to being usable for me.

@chris toot is the best I’ve tried. Has its issues, but pretty good.

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Announcing: The Ruby on Rails Performance Apocrypha. A book that introduces performance engineering, frontend and Ruby perf, and scaling. It's available now for just $10 on Gumroad, DRM-free:

Loading web interface home takes 12.1s, makes 181 requests and transfers 7 MB. every. refresh. 😱

@chris what a fantastic all-around record. The mix is outstanding too - *so* crisp.

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