“Just install Linux on it” is the “just change the engine of your car” of tech.

Not everyone is a mechanic, not everyone wants to be a mechanic, and, if we want a world where freedom is the norm, we must stop expecting everyone to become a mechanic.

Note: this is not because these people are too dumb to be mechanics. It’s because they’re brain surgeons and space-shuttle pilots and they have three kids and they care for a loved one and they don’t have time to also be a mechanic.

@aral That assumption would only be right, if car engines came with automagic engine swapping tools (whích would be installers in Linux distros).

Installing an Ubuntu doesn't require any special abilities aside from reading and using a mouse and a keyboard to type one's name, password and potentially a wifi password.

My mum can install Ubuntu. If she can, you can.

@lerk You’ve convinced me, I should give it a shot one day. Just to confirm: the computer does need to be on before changing the OS, right? I don’t have to open it up or anything?


@aral @lerk Find a Linux "LiveCD." You can burn a disc or boot from USB stick, and LiveCD (or DVD or USB) will not change anything on your computer's internal storage. Just reboot without the live media inserted.

If we are keeping with the car analogy, it's like strapping rockets to the top so you don't have to use your own engine while you drive around.

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