It's sad that epub, which is an incredibly useful format, is often locked behind proprietary DRM. How sad is it I need keys to read a damn book? Why can't I buy a epub book and open it on anything I want? I can read a physical book anywhere I want, and even give it away

Dunk your @PockyUSA in @CoolWhip.
You're welcome.

There is something wrong with @tiktok_us. It crashes my phone like a dead battery at 20%, even if I'm on the site in a browser. It just did the same to my tablet that is running Linux, not Android. WTF?!

I present - The entirety of what republican voters stand for.

RT @hellomiakoda
@rockstar - I want you to dig up and play Crash Bandicoot 1, 2, and 3 on PS1. Then play the Crash Bandicoot Trilogy for PS4, preferably on a PS5. Once you've done that, compare the quality to GTA Trilogy original and Definitive. Do that and post about it.

Apparently the Crash Bandicoot Trilogy for PS4 is enhanced on PS5. This looks fantastic!

I am not going to argue with certain kinds of people -

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It is unproductive to argue with people who can't be reasoned with, people who have decided their idea is right and nothing, not even evidence, will change their mind. Especially if they are not policy makers .

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One silver lining to the right wingers getting SO crazy, many SO racist, and most of the SO violent and aggressive is... I don't feel the need to defend myself against their ad homs, or even continue arguments anymore.

The number of times I've typed "sudo dolphin" to then say "Oh yeah, dolphin is trash" is staggering

Being able to make earth friendly choices beyond straws and recycling is privilege in this country.
Yes, I'd love to use the less harmful packaging soap, but I get the cheapest so I can also pay rent.

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