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app elevator pitch 

an app where you can downvote other drivers and if you get enough downvotes you get a passive aggressive letter


this is a bad idea but it's fun to think about

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what would happen if we get everyone in the Democratic party to switch their voter registration for the primaries and vote for some random guy


the hamburglar is actually a surprisingly detailed character and deserves his own solo movie. in this essay i will present a case for the McDonald's Cinematic Universe and

Jungle Boo

painting a big 'cw' on the white house, then clicking on 'show less'. the us empire finally destroyed

If you didnt cw something you should've, simply just redraft and appologize to anyone who you hurt... The imaginary interet points you lose arent actully worth anything I promise.

realized i forgot to add image description 

Above image: pete buttigieg's tweet declaring victory prematurely in the iowa caucuses but with the Weird Al Ytankovic twitter edited in

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uspol shitpost 

why can't they keep politics out of games 😡

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med talk; beards 

fuckin great i'm neutropenic rn which basically means my immune system is fucked

which means i can't shave because of the risk of nicking myself and the wound getting infected

can't wait to have terrible patchy stubble everywhere

UwU! Iowa did a fucky wucky! A little fucko boingo! Our engineews are working VEWY HAWD to fix this

if you released blazing saddles today, people would be furious. they would say "wait, ive already seen this, this is just a shot-for-shot remake of blazing saddles"

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