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how do you spell her name

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realized i never put out an #introductions toot 


it's interesting how the quality level of adult swim tv shows are so consistently just a hair shy of being something I'd actually want to watch

it's like their executives were like "let's make an okay tv show and then make it 10% worse"

lewd shitpost 

Disney has made 4 versions of the movie "Freaky Friday"

Is Your Teenager Using AES to Talk About Drugs and Sex?

take me home

country roads

it's a me


mushroom kingdom

stompin goomba

take peach home


hydration levels are 98% and rising

(98%) ■■■■■■■■■□

food; medical talk 


I'm a simple gal

I shitpost, eat hot chip, and lie

*Mastodon meme comes out*
User: this meme sucks actually

It happens every time

Mastodon 🤝 Urinetown
faces, clothes, and
bladders all distressed

@heartles oh sure nobody will interact with the other thread that's exactly what I'm doing here but I say politicians twice and suddenly it's comedy gold


The politicians
in their wisdom saw
that there should be a law

the politicians
taxed the toilets
and made illegal
public urination
and defecation

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