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I set up a Liberapay page to support Moa. If you use it (especially for commercial purposes) please consider donating. 🙏

Two changes:

1) I expanded the conditional crossposting options a bit. You can choose to always post unless “” or “” are present. Or, choose to never crosspost unless “” or “” are present

2) Twitter handles come into the fediverse with a server which makes them work as Activity Pub actors with psuedo-profiles.

I’m now positive that people who claim to have seen aliens have actually just seen baby owls.

The VC news is sooo disappointing. I've been using their stuff since the beginning and now I can be sure that my needs won't be their top priority. If 1P took funding because a competitor did then congrats on being played by the VCs.

📷 First public Futel phone in Detroit! 23rd just S of Breckenridge St!

Yesterday, I resigned from GitHub.

It was a difficult decision, but one I'm proud to make.

PeerTube has worked twice as hard to free your videos from YouTube ! #TootOuRien

Thanks to your donations, we have been developing a software to free us all from YouTube & Co for a year. Why have we gone much further than the first release, (crowdfunded in the spring of 2018), you might ask

#contributopia #Degooglisons #English #Framasoft #GAFAM #Peer2peer #PeerTube #Video #YouTube

Cop in California legit tried to arrest a black man bc he was “illegally eating.”😳

My mind can’t even begin to comprehend the arrogance needed to justify this nonsense


The teens, pure as always:

Welcome to all of the homies joining the fediverse because Twitter continues to be trash.

Quick #followfriday

@qrs my partner, tech and nice photos
@Ranjit random and playful toots
@phooky funny + obscure tech
@huertanix privacy/tech/art/memes
@bleeptrack cool generative art
@ehashman nice photos and commentary
@eqe smart toots and retoots
@joshmillard cortex from Metafilter
@natecull thoughtful commentary on politics
@nickfarr everybody knows Nick Farr
@bgcarlisle academics, memes, etc
@dansup creator of pixelfed
@switchingsoftware posts alternatives to google stuff, etc.

There's been a large influx of Indian users to the Mastodon network in the last couple of days. Anyone know what that's about?

Well folks that migration didn't go as smoothly as I wanted but I think things are working now. I'm sorry for the extended downtime. If you posted something while the server was being wonky then that status may have been lost. 🙇‍♂️

🚨The site is going down shortly for server migration

🚨In the near future the hosting for is going to be moved to a new server. Unfortunately this will require a few hours of downtime. I’ll post again when I know for sure when the migration will occur.

I’ve been putting off upgrading our Postgres cluster for months but today’s the day. Ive done several dry runs with the real data and it works fine but still 😅. I can’t stress enough the value of investing in a system like Ansible to make replicating production easy.

Hey! The Electric New Zine Maker update is live...
The Breakfast Tools are here! you can draw with bacon, paint with egg, and there's a sizeable ASCII art update and new ASCII art tool...
Download link:

Make some Zines with food tools! :)

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