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Toot v1.6 is out!

This release is a collection of smaller features and bugfixes. What is new is:

* It is now possible to approve follower requests for locked accounts in the app.
* Loading and caching timelines has been improved and is now more robust. This should hopefully resolve some rare bugs.
* The profile screen of a user will now list your relationship with them, such as whether you are following each other, or if you have blocked them.

Question for my PDX peeps. Would you enjoy a bot that posted satellite images of the PNW as the NOAA sats pass overhead? I think there would be ~6 posts a day. They'd probably look similar to what I posted here with hopefully fewer errors:

I picked up an Intel NUC 6 at work to experiment on. I'm really impressed with the build quality and performance given the price. If you're working with raspberry pis and considering an SSD addon for it to boost speed don't bother and get NUC. The SSD performance is 7x that of the rpi with SATA board I've tested and the cost comes out to about the same with a case.

This weekend I had my 1st successful capture and decode of a NOAA satellite pass. I captured it on a handheld Yagi antenna. The doppler shift was corrected in real-time using Orbitron and the audio was processed in WXtoIMG.

LRPT has a pleasant, IMO, sound with a 2khz tone and kind of a tic-toc in the background.

Here's a link to some of the captured audio:

I have complained about systemd's slow steady takeover of OS tasks for years. And yet here I am contemplating the pros and cons of switching our app-level logging over to it. Is this stockholm syndrome?

Today I finished migrating all of Panic's websites over to nginx. had 15+ years of accumulated .htaccess files, weird php scripts and obscure apache features. It took a couple of weeks but its all done and apache is now retired. fwiw nginx with php-fpm is serving the same load with a much smaller memory footprint.

Seattle pol 

I'm one track in and I already know this is going to be in heavy rotation. Absolutely classic hip-hop production with top talent MCs.

Czarface Meets Ghostface by CZARFACE & Ghostface Killah

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