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This is some really pleasant ambient. The 1st track's title "Headphone Holiday" pretty much sums it up.

Panacea for Lightweights by LEAAVES

I'm sooooo tired of people talking about Python's GIL like its holding back the language. Parallelism is not a tool you casually throw at any problem that you can't speedup or break up another way. It's not magic dust that makes your program faster. Debugging a threaded program can be harder than finding another solution.

That being said, I would love to hear counterpoints from folks that use threading in Python.

Past Me: I'll put a version field in this data format so if I need to change things in the future the API will have an easy time doing the right thing.

Yesterday Me: Changes the format, forgets about version field, writes a bunch of gnarly type-checking code.

Today Me: well shit

Lots of amazing house music vibes on this fantastic remix album from Honey Dijon.

Xtra, by Honey Dijon

I just finished posting the @tusk_rocks back catalog so if you need some new music please check it out. Follow that account for links to music and updates to the site.


Chelsea Wolfe makes heavy spooky gothy music. It does not "slap" as the kids say. But, if you need something to play while you're plotting revenge (something involving poison) then her latest album will definitely bring that mood.

Hiss Spun by Chelsea Wolfe

I made an account for

It will retoot all posts automatically so you can follow that account to easily get new music.

🐘🎸 @tusk_rocks

(I just need an avatar and a non-trash web design)

Instance block recommendation and requested report to domain tld manager, hate speech Show more

Nao's 1st album is infectious super funky electro r&b. This should cheer you up.

For All We Know by Nao

A small Moa update: the CW support for tweets is a little more flexible now. If you start your tweet with something like

CW: us pol, mh

Then the corresponding toot will have a real CW with those flags.

If you enjoy discovering new music and you enjoy Mastodon please check out one of my other projects:

The more we use it, the more new music we get to discover. You can't argue with socialism.

Source is at

Please send me suggestions



⭐ If you post multiple images to Instagram Moa will now attach the first 4 of them when cross-posting.



⭐ you can disconnect your twitter account if you only want to cross-post between mastodon and Instagram

🐛 Fixed a bug where a reply is cross-posted but the original message wasn't
🐛 Fixed a bug in how twitter handles are replaced when cross-posted
🐛 Mastodon profile links are no longer mangled when they're cross-posted
🐛 Long quote-tweets are no longer mangled when cross-posted

There are more fixes and improvements on the way.

Feel free to add more here

There's a new Maya Jane Coles EP out! She delivers another fine collection of dark house that I know I'll be playing a lot in the coming weeks.

Waves & Whirlwinds - EP by Maya Jane Coles

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