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🐛 If you quote a tweet with your own media then it takes priority over the quoted tweets media
🐛 Quoted tweets are now shown the same as retweets so its clear what they are
✨There's a new option to turn off including the link in instagram posts
✨There's a new option to enable conditional posting using the (don't post to mastodon) and (don't post to twitter) hashtags

This is rad and way overdue

2019 Road World Championships: Yorkshire to host first team time trial mixed relay

If you're into pictures of an adorable puppy then follow @maxmrgan cuz the floodgates are about to open.

New git merge tool from the makers of Sublime Text:

I'm a big fan of Kaleidoscope, but I'll probably give this a shot to see how it compares.

From the liner notes:

Recognized by genre aficionados as one of the greatest singers and most riveting stage presences in soul music, Jackie Shane has remained largely unknown outside Toronto, where her career briefly flowered in the 1960s. Ms. Shane is a star without parallel—a pioneer of transgender rights born in a male body, living her entire life as a woman at a time when to do so seemed unthinkable.

what do you get a BDSM practitioner for their birthday? Show more

Tomorrow and on Friday I will open up my Uncanny Photobooth at in Hamburg. Drop by at the Copper House to have your uncanny portrait taken. #NEXT18

The B in Benoit B Mandelbrot stands for Benoit B Mandelbrot.

The Planetary Society just took their magazine open access, including 38-year back catalog. That’s pretty great, and I absolutely just joined because of that. If you’re able to and would like to support more open-access science, science education, and advocacy, consider joining, too. Or just go dig through the archives.

I made a thing, it's a code-generated number station podcast:

It has two sources of data: 1) my mysterious corpus 2) you can submit your own message.

Messages are encrypted and read aloud. There's also some music and other random variety. It's weird, but I like it. It's not quite as automated and/or 100% computer-generated as I would like, and I'll probably fiddle with it forever, but here it is!

I'm setting up a deep learning coop machine for some friends and I and hosting it at my house. It's a modest machine with a GTX 980 and 8GB of RAM but it's orders of magnitude faster than experimenting on my macbookpro. Creating user accounts on it for my friends is giving me BBS feels.

sitting somewhere between Ride and slowdive on the shoegaze spectrum The Prids make some nice sounding tunes.

I'm installing 3rd-party video drivers in linux for the 1st time since the early '00s.

Please tell me about music albums that are great, the better of their genre and so awesome you can't believe some people aren't listening to this every day...

reddit post: ‘Master/Slave’ Terminology Was Removed from Python Programming Language

ok good good


<deep breath>

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