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a hbo series about mastodon admins called madmin

@hisham_hm I hadn't played a zelda game since the original and I enjoyed it a lot. Some of the combat requires some controller dexterity but its not terribly twitchy. The really hard stuff is optional.

Just watched the first 3 episodes of Work in Progress

wow wow wow

@ashur its even better than that. I have to wait like 8 days to find out if my request was selected at random from all other submissions for that sign.

I applied for my first vanity call sign today. I feel like the odds are slim I'll get it...

back when I was building in the 00s we had really high hopes for FOAF and the Semantic Web. Sadly the specs were being built by people comfortable with editing their own pages and maintaining that data. The tooling was all on the viewing end.

current events, uspol, military, iran 

Somewhere John Bolton needs to excuse himself from the table but can’t because of his massive erection.

Has anyone ordered a pinePhone? It’s pretty dang cheap right now and might be fun to mess with 🧐

Here is a thread about all of my work from 2019!

At the beginning of 2019, WikiLeaks sent an email to journalists with a list of 140 "false and defamatory" things about Julian Assange. So my first post of the year was on my personal blog, fact checking WL and their many, many lies -- some even about me

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