@dthompson I put in 2 apples and 2 pears like 9 years ago and pruned them into an espalier and they've been great. They were whips when I planted them and now the trunks about ~3 inches in diameter. I'm always surprised by how aggressively you can prune trees.

@DerMario yeah several of the workers got stuck overnight. Sorry about that.

@ticky @brion `tzselect -c` on linux can take a lat/long and tell give you the IANA location. It's not scriptable as far as i can tell.

I was starting to get excited about building a modular amateur radio automation system in python then I found one under active development. Now I’m sort of grumpily going through the code and issues to see what I can work on. Shouldn’t I be happy about this!?

The new 2.8 update looks great but I will stick to my ".1" update policy for pdx.social.

Going to the hardware store for parts for my first antenna build. I’m hoping to build a solid copper wire QFH for satellite reception.

@alana Yeah same. I wish I could port my pally healer from WoW over to Elder Scrolls Online.

@alana I typically main healers and when a teammate actually drops what they’re doing to save me it’s like I won the lottery.

Has anyone tried out the new python web app framework Responder? I'm trying to figure out if its worth using it instead of Flask.

@robert which we always pronounced "thack-o" but now I realize rhyming it with taco would have been better.

@xurizaemon @moa_party cool, I'm migrating the site today. If I have time I'd like to work on the code and merge your PR. I can take care of the instagram part.

@ticky yesterday i accidentally dumped a binary file in iTerm is was triggering the print dialog!

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