If RISC-V had been created as open with caveats we wouldn’t have seen IBM respond the way they did.

Really interesting move by IBM to make the OpenPower architecture royalty-free.


Yet another example IMO of why centrists shouldn’t lead.

This video by Engadget is great and it’s true we knew nothing about mfg at the beginning of this journey. We’ve been fortunate to have very experienced people guiding us along.


@garbados I used to run a twitter bot that would "ebooks" any account on demand. I found it was more fun to ebooks myself once in awhile than to have something running on a schedule.

@garbados I call it "etsy" as well. Apparently it's a backronym for "Editable Text Configuration" 🙃

@garbados After learning about the pronunciation of /etc I wouldn't even guess.

@pbg Yep KiCAD. It's my first time learning this type of app so I don't know what I'm missing. Honestly though I read like half of the kicad book and it was enough to get me through 2 projects.

@pbg There's a bare attiny85 bit-banging USB, as 5V to 12V steup and 3 high-side switches. I'm building it to drive stacklights at the factory.

About the only thing that shocks me anymore is finding an actively developed project on sourceforge.

Laying out a PCB is like playing a really intense game of Mini Metro.

@alex It's not correct to say that Moa has dropped support for spinster. I am however unhappy that spinster users are using Moa.

@isolategab @moa_party This isn't actually true. I wonder where he got that impression.

@thenomad The thing about Moa is once you sign up you don't really have to visit the site again. I need to think about this.

@ilovecomputers Sure, you'd need to add a network interface and storage. I'm guessing the bus is fast enough to do something interesting with it.

I will note that if you look at the TOS of the instance it's worded very carefully to not disallow anti-trans content.

There has been a large influx of new Moa users flocking to the (GAB) instance. I get an email everytime someone signs up with links to their twitter and masto accounts so I've been parusing them. I gotta say, most, but not all, of the twitter accounts have, in my non-expert opinion, anti-trans messages. I'm thinking about shutting down Moa because server blocks are a losing game and I don't have time to make improvements to it.

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