Nothing like taking down your primary DNS server to flush out bugs in your architecture. (Found a few hosts that didn’t have the secondary DNS configured)

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Playing Blackbar. I am baMboOzlDe. A 2013 game that’s a bit too apt for 2020. Very compelling by @mrgan @foozmeat

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Our new friends at generously donated all their viable clear plastic sheeting, which served as the necessary raw materials to quickly produce and donate several hundred face shields yesterday! 💖Thank you so much !💖

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Enjoying a nice backyard birthday dinner from with fresh bread from

you ever get halfway thru a project only to stop and ask yourself what the fuck you're doing with your life?

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seen on a neighborhood walk on sunday

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feet in streets, wheels in the sheets

my onlyfans get exclusive access to more content like this.

@reconbot there's no upper limit but there is a limit in time. In other words replying to a message older than, I think, 6 months wont thread the message. If these are new messages please send me links to the source and result messages and I'll take a look.

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local hackerspace has been busy fabricating face shields for healthcare workers and first responders. they need financial support to keep up with demand -- if you can chip in, now's the time

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Dang, RIP Genesis P-Orridge. OG gender hacker, musician, artist and chaotic weirdo. I was lucky to see Psychic TV ~15 years ago with Lady Jaye.

@csolisr OK I removed your records. Try it again and let me know if it doesn't work.

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Hi friends! COVID-19 is scary and a lot of you are now working from home, an abrupt change to your daily lives.

So, I wrote a guide on how to maintain your mental and emotional health while working remotely in a pandemic.

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CircuitPython 5.0.0 released! adafruit circuitpython

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