I’m really digging the vocal-forward electronic grooves from The Seshen on Flames & Figures


The 1st track on their upcoming album bodes really well for where they’re headed.


I’m really digging the vocal-forward electronic grooves from The Seshen on Flames & Figures


The 1st track on their upcoming album bodes really well for where they’re headed.


The Epicyon project is an interesting ActivityPub server to me for a few reasons:

* designed for single-board computers
* python
* experimentation with non-traditional social features


Here’s a snippet showing how you can use asyncio and curses together in Python to update data and draw it concurrently.


I just saw a teen walking in the mall looking at a phone in each hand and my first thought was they were too low-level to dual-wield and their attack rolls would really suffer. I bet teens get a bonus when wielding a phone so the extra damage makes it work out.

This is the same tactic that was used against Jeremy Corbyn. Don’t let the title cause you to wonder. Read the article and make up your own mind.
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Sen. @BernieSanders may be ethnically Jewish, but @TianaTheFirst says his campaign is rapidly turning out to be the most anti-Semitic in decades.


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Make simulations... in EMOJI? 💥🙀💥

My tool for making & sharing cellular automata is now fixed + re-launched!

😘 ncase.me/sim/ 😘

(below: forest fire, conway's game of life, b-z reaction, epidemics, schelling's, predator-prey, procgen terrain)

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I've been of voting age for 21 years.

Al Gore lost in 2000 as a centrist.

John Kerry lost in 2004 as a centrist.

Obama won in 2008 posturing as a progressive.

Hillary lost in 2016 as a centrist.

The Dems never spoke of chucking centrism after these devastating losses.

Funeral Pop I EP by MXMS

Similar synths as Pantyraid but with a much darker vocal quality


Cw food

Everything about eating in Malaysia is great. Fried chicken sandwich, seaweed fries, and kimchi slaw at the mall.

alt.binaries.pictures.rail was *very* popular with Unison (RIP) users.
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Beyond The Obvious: 6 Other Social Networks Besides Trainfuckers You’ve Gotta Join If You’re Sexually Attracted To Trains clckhl.co/8HvZMfw

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In a landslide victory, Grand Central Bakery is officially unionized! ✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾 🎊🎉

This thread describes accurately why game coding is both the BEST and the WORST.
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We released patch 1.2 of today, and it includes a fix for the dreaded "the game thinks my companions are dead" bug, which I believe I spent more time investigating than I have for any other individual bug in my career (1/18)

I ❤ having to double-VNC into the office from Malaysia because Apple broke keychain and our build machines are hung on codesigning waiting for a keychain password.

Socialists: socialism or barbarism

People: okay barbarism

Socialists: wait no fuck

Americans need to heed this. If you think picking Buttigieg is splitting the difference then you’re gonna wake up to 4 more years of Trump and whatever nightmare man comes after him.
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Tonight conclusively busts the incredible lie from Paul Mason and others that ‘tactical voting’ and deals with the liberals and nationalists are the way forward. Tactical voting completely failed. We need…

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