@ticky obviously a smaller parasitic roomba is what you need.

@slackz I ran sensu at work for a couple of years and it worked fine.

@Gphofficial hmmm, that should work fine. Moa tracks the status IDs on both ends to prevent this. If you re-enable both and post to one side and it loops can you send me links to the source message please?

Do you like music? Of course you do! Please check out tusk.rocks/

Right now there's 31 links to music that you may have never heard before. If you've got an album or track or video you want to share it's easy to sign up and post.

This service is exclusive to Mastodon!


@slackz The best I've found for small-footprint/easy management is Net-Data


There's no data aggregation but and that might be a feature depending on how many hosts you have.

🇬🇧 Did you know that the crossposter has an experimental CW detection when transforming tweets into toots?

With this feature you can add CW on twitter without using a blanket-cw for every toot. For more information, take a look below:


#crossposting #crosspost

@limedaring good on you for trying out systemd timers. Did you do it as a learning experience or was it something that cron couldn't deliver?

@danstowell You may enjoy this recording from the 50s of a dude that studied honeybee sounds and created a device to indicate a swarm was going to occur. It's simple high/low pass filtering but the evidence is strong that sounds is an important medium inside a hive.


We took our friend Xubi and our niece to The Wand Maker’s House today. We barely solved the mystery in time!

@d right? something that's maybe 5 minutes long max and just focuses on 1 tea per episode.

Its a giant bummer that there's no way to upgrade a postgres cluster to support WAL checksums. You have to enable them at init and then dump/restore. There's a huge speed difference between dump/restore and pg_upgrade with hard links. I bet the adoption rate of checksums stays really low because of this.

Look, I'm not generally a fan of instrumental hip-hop because so often tracks are memorable for the work of the MC's flow over a great beat. Clams Casino elevates the genre by adding lyrical instrumentation that does more than provide a hook. This album was hard to come by since its 2011 release but its available to stream now.


My go-to teas are from Steven Smith. At $11 for 15 bags its expensive but the flavors are way above other teas at the grocery store. They're local to PDX too.

Their Fez green tea has a touch of spearamint in it that is just amazing. Their peppermint tastes fresher than most others and the Meadow chamomile is extremely floral.

(they're all good iced too)


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