We took our friend Xubi and our niece to The Wand Maker’s House today. We barely solved the mystery in time!

Look, I'm not generally a fan of instrumental hip-hop because so often tracks are memorable for the work of the MC's flow over a great beat. Clams Casino elevates the genre by adding lyrical instrumentation that does more than provide a hook. This album was hard to come by since its 2011 release but its available to stream now.


On this pre-election day please enjoy some soothing electronic sounds. It's like digital beach music.

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From the liner notes:

Recognized by genre aficionados as one of the greatest singers and most riveting stage presences in soul music, Jackie Shane has remained largely unknown outside Toronto, where her career briefly flowered in the 1960s. Ms. Shane is a star without parallel—a pioneer of transgender rights born in a male body, living her entire life as a woman at a time when to do so seemed unthinkable.


sitting somewhere between Ride and slowdive on the shoegaze spectrum The Prids make some nice sounding tunes.


JWZ mixtape 198. I've been listening to these for years and he never fails to find interesting stuff.


Hold up, a new Spiritualized album came out this week. I haven't listened yet but come on, we all know how its gonna go down.


This album kills me every time. Wall-of-sound indie-rock with soaring boy-girl harmonies.


If you like Jean Grae then don't sleep on Georgia Anne Muldrow. Smart, strong raps about real life.


Have you ever wished that moody witch lived inside your computer? Yes? Well you should check out Chelsea Wolfe then.

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