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Sanders may be ethnically Jewish, but his rhetoric, voting history and associations have not reflected the values of a friend of Jewish people, but rather, the values of a coddler of anti-Semitic, racist and sexist bullies and villains.

This restaurant in Penang Malaysia would fit right in to 80s South Florida.

I cant get enough of the latest from @stormzy.

From WP:
Stormzy encouraged the audience at the 2019 Glastonbury Festival to join him in chanting "Fuck the Government and fuck Boris"

my guy

I’m really digging the vocal-forward electronic grooves from The Seshen on Flames & Figures

The 1st track on their upcoming album bodes really well for where they’re headed.

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Make simulations... in EMOJI? 💥🙀💥

My tool for making & sharing cellular automata is now fixed + re-launched!

😘 😘

(below: forest fire, conway's game of life, b-z reaction, epidemics, schelling's, predator-prey, procgen terrain)

Cw food

Everything about eating in Malaysia is great. Fried chicken sandwich, seaweed fries, and kimchi slaw at the mall. was *very* popular with Unison (RIP) users.
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Beyond The Obvious: 6 Other Social Networks Besides Trainfuckers You’ve Gotta Join If You’re Sexually Attracted To Trains

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George Zimmerman is trending for being an audaciously racist fool.


Let’s REDIRECT ENERGY TO HER and fill her coffers with donations and volunteers.

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Is @JLCPCB now giving a 12-step progress update on the entire PCB manufacturing process?🤯

Each step is also accompanied by a tiny video explanation on hover 📹

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