Fedi rule of thumb: If a server touts free speech in its About box then that's a paddlin'


paddlin' the fuck away from the sewage spill in the river more like. I want nothing to do with frozen fruit asses in any sense


I think it's a shame that one group of extremists are trying to hide behind free speech and another group of extremists are trying to take away free speech.

Free speech does not equal hate speech. Freedom of speech is a fundamental pillar of democracy IMHO.

@foozmeat Not true with us Texans at KAG Social. We are pretty strict on our TOS. Our platform was started by a Latin Jew, Baptist white guy(Me) and a Muslim Iranian fighting for freedom. Always take a moment to judge people by their sole actions and not by the actions of people who "look" like them. I say this as a friend. 🙏

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