Dear Fedi Admins, you may want to keep an eye on

@foozmeat I decided to take this as a challenge and see how long it took me to find "fire."

They federate with gab, venerate qanon, house pepe-iconographic /pol/ channer fascists, have multiple accounts churning out rw/trump propaganda... I guess it depends on how one defines fire.

@lawremipsum You're absolutely correct. I just hadn't dug into them at all - just saw some american flag elephant avatars and figured they were trouble.

@foozmeat Nah fuck them. KAG is a Maga saying. The admin is boosting and associating with well known right wing shit instances.

Ban the instance on site.

I wasn't familiar with whatever the hell kag means but one of the most prolific posters on there shares a whole lot of "news" about a "white genocide" in South Africa

I've been unfortunate enough to meet people who buy into that conspiracy, so when I saw a link to South African Times posted by someone with a Texas flag avatar I was pretty sure I knew what exactly we were dealing with

@foozmeat Oh, they're entirely blockable. Curious if they're up to anything special or just their usual alt-white bullshit.

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