@pixeldev how do you feel about cross posting from Instagram into Pixelfed? I’d like to support this in my cross poster Moa but I know cross posting is controversial.

Long, meta, no one asked me 

@foozmeat We have no plans on supporting that.

Instagram has deprecated their APIs and scraping/crawling content is a violation of their ToS.

@liaizon @pixeldev @foozmeat I mean its possible with the Pixelfed APIs but supporting it natively in Pixelfed UI is not on our roadmap!

@dansup @pixeldev @foozmeat the op is the maintainer of the crossposter that already supports instagram > mastodon. they are asking how you would feel if it cross-posted *into* pixelfed (if I am understanding their post correctly)

@liaizon @pixeldev @foozmeat Oh I see, I have no problem with that on Other instances I can't speak for!

@dansup @liaizon @pixeldev thanks yes I explained myself poorly. Are there APIs today that let me post on behalf of a PF user?

@foozmeat @dansup @pixeldev it seems the docs are not released but I thibknthe api is there. its being implemented in @fedilab already.

Pixelfed uses the Mastodon api (most endpoints are already implemented). Also it will have soon some extra endpoints that are documented.
@foozmeat @dansup @pixeldev

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