I'm incredibly happy to finally be able to talk about this wild thing I've been apart of building for 4 years!

@rstevens yeah, we've managed to keep this a secret for over 4 years!

@foozmeat this looks cool but I have a few question:
can one make games for it without a Mac and can the OS be replaced by end users? how durable is the hardware and can it be repaired by third parties? is any of the software or hardware under a libre or open source license?

@grainloom Sadly I can't provide many details right now but we do plan to provide an SDK.

@foozmeat Okay but can the crank recharge the battery? I think that's obviously the most important thing we need to know.

@foozmeat Excited! I picked up a Gameboy Advance SP lately and have been enjoying it, so I can't wait to get the modern version of that experience.

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