Today I’m hoping to complete a goal I set for myself almost 20 years ago - get my amateur radio license.

@foozmeat Technician? How was the test? I've been thinking about it, but I've already got a lot of hobbies to keep track of.


@voidspiral I found the tech test to be pretty easy. Its not to hard to memorize the questions involving specific frequencies. I also took the General test which is for sure tougher but again, you can drill the question pool and memorize the right answers. is the best resource.

@foozmeat I think that's the site I was looking at for a bit, but I ended up trying a book to get some basis in things first. Only partway through it at the moment. I also got a cheapo RTL SDR to kind of "browse" before figuring out how to actually operate, but I haven't used it much since there's not a lot of traffic on the bands I can listen to around here.

@voidspiral I find the regular NETs kind of interesting to listen too. There maybe some in your area. They'll be on your local UHV/VHF repeaters. SDR is definitely the next thing I'm going to explore but I need to figure out an antenna situation for my house.

@foozmeat That's the other thing I'm not sure of, I just got the the antenna chapter, and am wondering what I can get away with.

Thanks for the advice, I'll see what I can hear.

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