I think it's ok to point new folks at Pinafore if they're finding the stock UI challenging.

@foozmeat I take it from the way you phrased this that you think this opinion might be controversial, but I don’t understand. Is there something in Mastodon etiquette I’m missing to not understand why one wouldn’t recommend an alternate UI/client?

@jonesbp No its not controversial. I posted that more as a hint to not feel bad if new people don't like the stock UI. I've certainly felt the need to defend it and really it's not necessary.

@foozmeat My mistake. I haven’t seen the meta conversation you were engaging with, but it makes sense. Thanks for the clarification.

@foozmeat @DialMforMara I like Pinafore (except for the tiny peeves that I'll blog about soon). I don't like the Tweetdeck-like default Mastodon interface.

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