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#Popper explains the #tolerance paradox, or why you should not tolerate intolerance.

Hmmm, I think I prefer Mastodon's light theme.

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Spread the word! Follow @YesForHousing@twitter.com campaign. We are poised to generate $652 million in the metro region & provide 12,000 Oregonians w a safe place to call home. Join your local movement for housing today!

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.@GitHub user? Tell @Microsoft@twitter.com to drop ICE! github.com/selfagency/microsof

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Happy Juneteenth I’m very thankful for the people who came before us so young brothers like myself could live a better life, be free and be able to have a voice. Im very thankful for that. You will never be forgotten. Thank you to everybody who supports us

Because of the #youtube ban, #blender foundation is now testing #peertube as a video distribution model video.blender.org/

Please do not sleep on the amazing Sunday Soul show on KEXP with @ocnotes@twitter.com.


It’ll fill your health bar all the way up.

Well we had to leave before the parade started. Missed our chance to march with @StreetRoots@twitter.com but still had a good time.

Happy pride! 🏳️‍🌈

Apologies to anyone that hit the twitter login problem. It should be fixed now.


How do people feel about syncing their timeline location between clients? It's a feature I've had in 3rd-party twitter apps for so long I don't understand how people get by without it.

Whenever I go between machines or my phone there's a small amount of aggravation I feel having to scroll my masto TL backwards until I recognize something and then scroll forward.

I have timeline FOMO is what I'm trying to say.


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wow, instead of a suspiciously blank page (store.steampowered.com/tags/en) it turns out that @itchio@twitter.com has a fully-functional LGBT tag with lots of gay and queer themed games itch.io/games/tag-lgbt twitter.com/littanana/status/1

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Own a Nintendo Switch and looking for something to do this weekend? twitter.com/asym/status/100221