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Masto intro!
I’m Christa, an interface and motion graphics designer living in Portland. I play clawhammer-style banjo and sing, and like to read (sci-fi, fantasy (only the good stuff), post-apocalyptic/dystopian, and miscellaneous modern fiction and nonfiction). I like to geek out about microbiomes and space exploration. I co-founded a failed startup. I have a strained relationship with carbs. My favorite episode of any podcast is 99% Invisible’s “10,000 Years.” What’s yours?

Slowing building new 18.04 VMs for all of our services and systemd is taking over more services and its a mess. Out of the blue new boxes aren't launching ssh until after a 2 minute timeout.

"The result is RESULT"


Finally got around to doing the honey harvest last night. Just a single full box this year but that's still about 2.5 gallons!

I'll post some pictures after its in the jars 🐝

"Mastodon won't succeed unless-"

Sh.. Mastodon already succeeded.

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On my old @ja2ke account I was chronicling a very slow-moving free time project: A clone of the old IRC bot/Berkeley Systems online party game Acrophobia, built to run entirely on Twitch using Twitch chat. Here’s the thread: mastodon.social/@ja2ke/9887943

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🥟 freelance food and culture writer
🎙 host of Racist Sandwich and Popaganda podcasts
🔮 virgo sun / libra moon
🌈 gay

Firefox 60 (the current release) displays an “untrusted connection” error for any website using a TLS/SSL certificate issued before June 1, 2016 that chains up to a Symantec root certificate.

Here's an update of the roll-out of future errors: t.co/cYQ5vQFX1V tweeted by @MozDevNet

I'm Rob.

I love all kinds of story telling, be it novels, short stories, comics, video games, movies, TV, opera.

I'm also really into puzzles, which is probably why I like coding.

Oh, and food ... I love preparing and (especially) eating.

I've lived in Sellwood with my wife and son for 15 years now. The boy is off at UBC now, so house is quieter and bank account is much smaller.

How did I forget sports?! Avid Timbers fan. Also attempt to play sometimes.


I'm a designer. Right now I work at OMSI and can go touch dinosaur femurs on my lunch break if I want.

I like solid gif reactions. I think Disney parks are great and theme park design is wild and fascinating. I've been really into audio drama podcasts lately.

I recently watched Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Live Action Movie out of morbid curiosity and can confirm that it's not good.

Mastodon intro: I’m Neven Mrgan, hi! Born in Croatia, living in Portland, OR. I design at Panic Inc, plus I make games and write. I love food and books so much and I will post about them constantly. What’s your favorite food and book?

This site feels OVERWHELMINGLY populated by men. Ladies, where you at?

Petition to replace the term 'walking simulator' with 'stroll-playing game'

derp Lissa Treiman started out as the illustrator but Max Sarin has been the artists for awhile.