On the homestead blog: Happy Flock Friday! We’re still waiting for Sonja’s eggs to hatch; based on when she started full-time nesting, they’re due around today, though could be a few days away. 🦆🐓 yellowcottagehomestead.com/202

Living in a rural area with horse property neighbors, we occasionally see horses going past on the road. Here’s one being ridden, and a second being led. 🐴

For week 24 of my 52 years celebration, from 1994: me videotaping while visiting Jenn in the US. 

The answer to today’s question, as some people quickly correctly identified: it’s an original-vintage Apple Newton MessagePad.

Let’s play What’s It Wednesday again. What do you think this is?

With the swimming pool set up, and weather in the 90s in the forecast, it’s beginning to feel like summer.

Changer by @mattgemmell 📚
I usually exclusively read science fiction, but when writer and former iOS/Mac developer Matt published his first novel, an action-thriller with some sci-fi leanings, I bought it in digital and dead tree forms, ... dejus.com/2021/06/14/1426/

For week 23 of my 52 years celebration, let’s jump ahead to 1994, when I visited the US to meet Jenn in person, having met online the previous year. Here we are dressed up, the first picture I have of us together. 

When I attended my first WWDC in 2006, they bussed everyone to the Infinite Loop Apple campus for the WWDC Bash. But I spent 2 hours standing in a line to get into the Apple company store to buy merch, so the bash was over by the time I got in. Oh well.

The answer to today’s question, as correctly identified by @DazeEnd: it’s the laptop bag that Apple gave out at WWDC in 2007.

Let’s play What’s It Wednesday again. What do you think this is?

Another picture from WWDC in 2006; looking down at people at charging station tables. Mac laptop batteries didn’t last all that long back then.

As we look forward to a virtual WWDC21 kicking off today, a look back at my first WWDC, in 2006. Back before the iPhone, when it was an uncrowded conference for Mac developers, and the big news was Mac OS X Leopard and finishing transitioning from PowerPC to Intel chips.

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