I mentioned last week that we just finished a Doctor Who weekend morning marathon of all episodes. Well, today we started our next one: Star Trek, from the TOS pilot. That’ll keep us going for a few years.

Took Pippin & Paladin to the vet for their annual checkup. But the car trip was the worst part.

To followup on the last week, this time here’s the first Mac I owned, the Macintosh Plus, around 1989. Initially only with dual floppy drives.

The sun shining through Fall leaves above the pond pergola.

Perhaps a sign of how dry the ground was before the current rain, there are bubbles coming from a small crack in the driveway.

Last night’s pizza, with bits of leftover bacon as a bonus topping.

Half of the roma tomatoes harvested from our garden over the past couple of days, that Jenn is currently turning into homemade tomato sauce.

My computer desk in 1985, with my SpectraVideo SVI 728 MSX computer, greenscreen monitor, floppy disks, dot-matrix printer, etc. And lots of Mac screenshots on the wall, since I was dreaming of owning a Mac at that stage.

Today I found this small Christmas ornament from a previous owner, buried in ash at the bottom of the burn pile. Amazingly intact.

On the Dejal blog: Time Out 2.5b1 released, including Mojave dark mode support. dejal.com/blog/2018/10/time-ou

You know, technically this is one of Rory’s dog beds.

A small green frog I encountered while taking down the swimming pool.

Summer is over, so time to drain, dismantle, and put away the swimming pool for the winter.

Since I just got my new iPhone XS Max, for this week I thought I’d compare it to my old Apple Newton, Palm V, and my first iPhone, the 3G.

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