On the Dejal blog: DejalNews #75: Time Out tips & supporter poll. Vote in a poll asking for interest in an optional auto-renewing Time Out supporter purchase. dejal.com/blog/2019/02/dejalne

A view of the pond deck across the frozen pond, from next to where the duck house will be installed.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Back in 1994, the wilderness months came to an end when Jenn moved from the US to NZ to be with me.

Happy birthday to my wonderful wife, Jenn! I believe this photo was her last birthday in NZ, in 2001, shortly before we moved to the US.

On the homestead blog, a delayed post about finishing the berry cage. Flash back to the ancient days of last weekend, without snow! yellowcottagehomestead.com/201

During the wilderness months between my visit to the US and Jenn moving to NZ, I surrounded myself with photos of her. Also, check out that fancy Mac IIx, modem, and magneto-optical drive.

Today is the 25th anniversary of Jenn and I meeting in person, having originally met online using the pre-web internet. To mark the milestone, a photo from my visit to the US in 1994.

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