After listening to and talking about Underscore’s new app CalZones on the Under the Radar podcast, I bought it… not because I need such an app, but as a token of appreciation, and to play with it. Some great ideas there.

A few months after we got married, Jenn and I moved to a new flat (in July 1995). A little larger, but still very basic.

It’s always nice to get the zero-turn riding mower back from servicing; the brief window of time when it’s actually clean. Now we just need to wait for the rain to stop for a couple of days so we can do the first mow of the year.

Lots of rain in the last few days, so the pond is at capacity and overflowing. Nice to have it full again.

A pleasant weekend at the Oregon coast to celebrate our anniversary.

Cutting our wedding cake, which had Mac-shaped bride and groom toppers (we’ve always been such geeks!).

Looking out the window this morning, I saw one of the feral cats sitting below a hummingbird feeder on our deck, watching the birds.

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