Yay, here comes the vaccination fever! I think I’ll spend the rest of the day in bed. Totally worth it, though; I’m sure I’ll feel better by tomorrow, and won’t have to worry about becoming unexpectedly dead from COVID. Get your vaccinations, people! 💉🦠🌡🛌🦸🏼

Fun fact: this picture was the first time Jenn saw me (we met online in 1993), and yet she wanted to continue the relationship. Our backstory: dejus.com/2020/04/02/0725/

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For week 19 of my 52 years celebration, a selfie from my early 20s (before they were called selfies). 

I just got my second COVID-19 vaccination today (Moderna), at a drive-thru clinic again. Less busy than the first time, no waiting to get the shot. Easy, and now I have superpowers! Well, in two weeks when I’m “maxxinated”; the best birthday present. Such a relief. 💉🦠

On the homestead blog: I’ve just added a summary page for the bee shed project. Check it out for an overview of the project, with links to each of the individual blog posts.

While you’re there, you may be interested in looking at some other projects too. yellowcottagehomestead.com/pro

On the homestead blog: yesterday I evicted the chickens from our fenced vegetable garden, and prepared it for planting — which Jenn subsequently did. 🌱 yellowcottagehomestead.com/202

Some of our ducks rooting around in the back lawn. 🦆

Sorry chickies, it’s time to evict you from the veggie garden, as we prepare it for planting. Thank you for cleaning it out over winter. I enticed them out via the mealworm roller toy, though Buffy looks disappointed by the closed gate. 🐓

On the homestead blog: for Flock Friday this week, an assortment of chicken and duck pictures, plus more of nesting ducks and broody chickens. 🦆🐓 yellowcottagehomestead.com/202

For week/year 18 of my 52 years celebration, I actually don’t have any pictures of me from age 18 to 20, so I’m jumping ahead to a photo of my 21st birthday. 

Looking from the fountain garden towards the cat house, with a whirligig, irises, rocks, maple tree, bird feeders, the cat house, and more visible. 🌼

A recent @YellowCottageHomestead TikTok video of some ducks going into the pond:
view the blog post. tiktok.com/@yellowcottagehomes dejus.com/2021/05/04/1121/

A bright spot of color caught my eye in the flowerbeds. 🌼

A recent @YellowCottageHomestead TikTok video of the chickens receiving carrot peels and rice as treats:
view the blog post. tiktok.com/@yellowcottagehomes dejus.com/2021/05/01/1414/

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